What do you remember that shows your age?


Those look like the polychitin (I don’t know how to spell that, it’s phonetic) that my wife’s Austrian grandmother makes. She doesn’t always put stuff in them, you can just put sugar or syrup on them like a pancake.


Heh. Mom just called a few hours ago, so I asked her what the proper name is.
“I don’t know,” she said, “We just always called them brown sugar pancakes.”
So I just Googled that, and came up with something entirely different that look like just regular pancakes.
She got the recipe from her mother though, who was German, so maybe I’ll go look for that polychitin and see what that looks like. Getting really hungry now.


Heh. Not having much luck. : )


Well I may be way off on that spelling, but that’s how it sounds! Anyway, they’re pretty much crepes I guess.


Palatschinken! Great stuff :)


Holy shit, is that really how you spell it?


lol - yep

edit - as a kid, I spent a large amount of time throughout Europe and I essentially decided to Anthony Bourdain the place, including answering such important questions as deciding which country had the best tiramisu and schnitzel (I wasn’t a vegetarian back then). Austria stood out to me for two reasons; absolutely stunning land and really good food (oh, and they also had a cool indoor waterpark, which was quite unusual back in the day).


The sound of my dad’s first printer, a daisywheel, printing out manuals for the C64 all night. I dreamed war dreams those nights as the printer salvoed volley after volley into the dark jungle. Ratatat ratatatatatat ratatat! Git some charlie!

Watching all kinds of jets, F-15’s, Tornadoes, Starfighters, F-16s, harriers zooming about, preparing for ‘when the Russians come’.

An then the wall fell. The berlin wall. The end of the soviet union. The end of the cold war. The end of the fear of nuclear anihilation. And the scorpions singing “wind of change”.


Be careful with this, as it frankly sounds like something you would make from an alien carcass in an RPG with crafting.


My grandmother used to make this puffy Mexican fried dough/pastry thing that she then put powdered sugar over. But the name she used for them means nothing to anybody.


My German mom makes these with white asparagus and creamy sauce inside. Or just jam by itself. Both work.


Fry bread, aka the “Navajo taco”.


Is it buñuelos?


Some of those look very much like Italian zeppolis. I guess that kind of fried dough is universal. And delicious.

Edit: My grandmother would make zeppolis. I once asked if she could make them chocolate. Grandma was a sweet lady, but the first look she gave me was a bit sharp. :) And she made a few anyway. They were amazing.


Yep. My childhood favorite fried flat thing with sugar or jam was Elephant Ears.


The morning sun when it’s in my face.


No, different than that.

Not sure what that is. She called them “pallillies” (although I am sure they are spelled differently).


One of my favorites as a kid, too. Not sure where I can actually get them now except maybe at the state fair.


This appears to be the thing.

Sopaipillas - Mexican Fried Dough Recipe


Hers didn’t look so much like ravioli’s though and she used powdered sugar. She was half Mexican, spoke decent Spanish.


Aren’t elephant ears just palmiers? They’re pretty easy to find at French style bakeries.