What do you remember that shows your age?


It’s really bugging me that I can’t recall. That does not seem right, but it has been to long (and it wasn’t actually me who owned the game).


Sword of Fargoal?


Temple of Apshai was my first RPG. I don’t think roguelikes were a thing back then.


The problem is, my brain is stuck on Treasure of Tarmin, but I know that’s because I owned that for my Intellivision. It has apparently crowded out all memory of early dungeon/crawl fantasy games.




I shudder to think what that might be referring to.




And a decade before that:


It was a commonly used demo image in ads for 256-color VGA cards. Also these guys:


Now those I remember.


That first image is from Viewsonic, right?
I’m using a Viewsonic monitor right now. Love the thing.


I have a good one. Watching porn. On 8mm film. With a noisy projector.


I still remember when my friend and I found his father’s stash of 8mm porn hidden in a basement closet. Some of it went back to the 50’s, and maybe even before that.


I remember finding one of my grandfather’s old nudie mags once when I was a kid - not even porn, more like Playboy but off-brand. And the pictures were in black and white. Black and white, can you imagine??




Do you remember roughly what year? If it was very early '80’s it could have been Temple of Apshai or Datestones of Ryn. If it was 1983 or so it could have been Telengard, DunjonQuest or Dungeons of Daggorath.



I’ll see your Shamus (which my friend insisted on calling sha-moose) and raise you this Lucasarts classic.



I remember Captain Action. Very cool GI Joe-sized action figure back when GI Joe was Barbie-sized. You could buy super-hero costumes to put on Captain Action. We had Batman, Superman, Aqua-Man, Captain America, The Phantom, and that’s all I can remember. Here is Captain Action:

What we wanted, what seemed to be the Holy Grail, was the fabled Spiderman costume for Captain Action. We were Spidey fans:

Never, ever, ever did we find it. Every time we were somewhere with a toy section we looked, and it was never there. Never.

Eventually we moved on to D&D and girls – ok, just D&D, though girls would have been nice. Still, I have never forgotten Captain Action or Spiderman.


I’m thinking it had to be Temple of Apshai. I know it wasn’t Telengard (because I remember that on a friends Apple II) or DunjonQuest. It was most likely Temple of Apshai, small possibility it was Dungeons of Daggorath.