What do you remember that shows your age?


I had a bootleg copy of “Rescue On Fractalus!” for my Atari 800XL that I downloaded (over 300bd modem no less) from Skull Island BBS, one of the more notorious Atari warez boards way back in the day. It was a pre-release copy, so the title screen said “Behind Jaggi Lines!” instead of Rescue on Fractalus.

I LOVED that game, both for the tense moments waiting for a knock at the airlock door or an alien jump scare, and because it was one of my most prized pieces of warez back when I was a terrible teenage software pirate.

Probably Apshai then, and yeah, 11-year-old me was completely smitten with that game too, even though it took like 15 minutes to load off tape. The fact that I even remember the names of all the early TRS-80/Atari RPGs speaks volumes about my priorities as a nerdy pre-teen/teen. Games were life, and hot girls were something you saw in music videos on MTV between gaming sessions. ;-)


speaking of which - I can remember:


Yeah, we had the original white box. My brother should still have it but I haven’t seen it in decades.


You lousy pirate! I bet you had a Happy drive, too.

All of us at ANTIC did :)


Absolutely! I ran dual 1050 drives with Happy chips installed. I remember using a hole punch to turn single sided floppy discs into dual sided and then using Warp Speed to do sector copies and “backups”. ;-) It was a glorious time to be alive!

Seriously though, my experiences with the Atari home computers (including game piracy) as a pre-teen and teen were the catalyst for my eventual career choice in IT. After I turned 16, got a driver’s license, a car, an after-school job and an interest in girls, I pretty much dropped all the computer and video game stuff completely. My freshman year of college I did pick up a Nintendo 8-bit system, but it was more boredom killer than anything, and I only had a handful of games for it. Halfway through my sophomore year though it became obvious that I wasn’t happy with my choice of major (it didn’t help that my advisor had screwed me with an incorrect course load) and I needed to make a change. The university had just launched a new Information Technologies program that was less computer science based and more business technology oriented…and I thought back to all the fun I had monkeying around with the Atari hardware and software back in the day and thought “sure, what the hell”.

28 years later and it’s been a great career in an ever-changing field that has provided well for my family, so I can’t complain. Thanks Nolan Bushnell, and uh, sorry about Rescue on Fractalus.


Channel surfing and came across Rockshow. I really didn’t want to go see McCartney & Wings in 1976 (Silly Love Songs - just blech), but a friend talked me into it.

I enjoyed every minute. One of the concert highlights of my life.


You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.


You could not own a radio and escape hearing that particular song several times a day that Spring. Blech.

But awesome concert.


Waiting for 6-8 weeks for shipped items.


K-Tel records/cassettes/8-tracks and their associated commercials. Man, I learned the catalog of so many 50s, 60s, and 70s groups from seeing the rundown of the songs on these compilations. Three Dog Night has always stuck in my head for some reason.


“Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?”
“Yeah, man!”
“Well turn it up!”



Or the CCR album where the announcer lists the band guys with the emphasis on the last “…and JOHN!!! Forgerty”


Man, I actually bought that set, and it was awesome. I finally got rid of it last year when we moved… along with about 175 other albums on cassette because a) I have nothing to play them on anymore and b) even if I did, they’re cassettes and so old that they’ll probably all sound terrible.

I do miss some of those albums though, and I hate the idea of having to buy them again since I already bought them once before.


Or will they?


Back in the mid-80s I lived near a place that rented records and I would record them on cassette. I threw out most of them but kept probably 3 dozen, music I didn’t have in another format. But the sound quality isn’t the best and as they age they fall apart.


Digging through some old stuff I came across this Major Award. Hard to believe I’ve kept it for 32 years now.


Holy shit! Would you believe my fucked up hippie parents gave me a pirated copy of that when I was like ten or so and it taught me English?

Ken sent me.


I assume the pirated copy cut out the trivia questions designed as an age check? Al Lowe and I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone (long distance no less) trying to come up with questions that 10-year-olds couldn’t guess the answers to.


Lol and you guys underestimated the tenacity of Dutch ten-year olds: I figured them all out some by trial-and-error or by asking adults and looking up shit in the dictionary and encyclopedia. Like I said, LSLITLL was quite the educational experience for me :)

Remove lubber.


Somehow I’m not the least bit surprised. :)