What do you think of Civilization 5?

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I like it. I feel like I can actually complete games of this whereas Civ IV my interest in continuing was inversely proportional to the number of turns I had already played.

If they can address the AI issues in future patches/mods/expansions then this game will probably go from good to greatastic.

Agreed with what Reldan said, voted that it was a great game with some minor flaws. On the whole the changes were positive.

I was too busy having fun to notice any issues that irritate me.

Just to clarify, I think we all agree that Civ5 has some issues (mostly balancing and AI) that need work, so it’s mostly about whether you think it’s already fun and worth playing right now or not.

Great game that has some issues that hopefully will be fixed in patches over the months. The AI is a little undercooked right now, but its problems are overstated, IMO.

How about “great game with aspects that others feel are issues whereas I do not care?”

I voted the Halo option, since none of the real options really fit.

I am in the camp that appreciates the changes that were made for Civ V, but they are just not for me.

Despite the emphasis on fewer units in Civ V, I feel like I am playing the game underwater, in that the actual act of doing just about everything feels a little off. The lack of the details and end-game info. normally found in Civs is a bit of a downer too.

I am glad Firaxis tried something different and am happy that many people like it, even though I prefer Civ IV’s mechanics much more.

Good game that needs work.

Great game despite minor issues

argh misclicked: good but has some issues :P

I like the direction of many of the changes, but until the AI is up to snuff and a few design decisions are ironed out, I’ve shelved it.

I wanted to vote “great game besides some major issues”, because the tactical AI and diplomacy need some serious lovin’.

Because Civ is graded on a different curve, I’d find it interesting to see this poll re-posted 6 months to a year from now.

I find the game to be middling/mediocre at best. I don’t think they can get this into shape with patches alone, but with an expansion pack or two I think it could be good. Doubt I’ll still be interested in the title by the time those roll out, though. Ended up voting “Major issues but may be good after patches” since that was the closest to my feelings.

I envy you guys who enjoy the game, it’s not often 4X TBS games come around anymore!

I think it is almost a great game but does have some major issues. I think it is a lot more fun when you play smaller maps and stuff them full of more civilizations and city states than the default settings are. I think mods which tweak or change gameplay will really shine in Civ 5.

I like the bones of the game a lot and for my first brief forays it’s great. However, it needs better AI and diplomacy if it’s going to be able to offer the kind of near-infinite replayability I want from the civ games.

So, patches. Possibly an expansion.

I’ve been inspired by Civ V to go back and play more Civ IV. On a turn by turn basis, I like it - but my frustrations are building… Slower game pace. No replay at end. Can’t change strategies midgame (buildings, civics, etc).

I’ve been inspired by Civ V to go back and play more Civ IV.

This, plus the oft-stated disappointments vis a vis braindead AI and opaque diplomacy.

Poll needs a “great game AND major issues” option.

Great game with some major issues. Bit of diamond in the rough quality but still playable and enjoyable.