What do you wish was in a life sim?

As I’m working on a turn-based life sim (yeah i know that sounds weird) I was wondering what people would like to see in such a game? (if you hate the whole idea of the sims, stop reading now :D).
I always thought the sims was a bit too cute, I wanted my sims to lose their jobs or get drunk more. What would you make sure you put in a game like that, if you didnt have to worry about ESRB ratings or being that mass market?
No idea is too wacky…

Drug addiction.

Wait. Games are supposed to be an escape from my life.

Never mind.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

You are driving very slowly through the red light distict. You see CANDI, MIMI and TRIXY.

> Sleep with TRIXY.

You lose $75. TRIXY enters your car and renders services. You are satisfied.

> Drive home.

You drive home.

> Go to bed.

You sleep like a log. You wake up to your alarm. It is 6 a.m. You have NONGONOCOCCAL URETHRITIS. Your penis hurts. You need to pee.

> Pee

What, in the bed?

> Go to bathroom and pee.

Ouch!!! It hurts to pee!

> Is that normal?


Turn based, eh?..

Yeah, I got nothin.

…Jones in the Fast Lane! hahah

I’d like to see a real simulator. More cause and effect, less management of a person’s life. Be able to walk down a street, go to work, and on the way back brutally murder 20 people. With realistic consequences.

GTA was tilted in that direction. The Sims was tilted in the opposite direction. I would like a neutral ground, where good and evil are neither artificially condoned or condemmed.

AI which is good enough that someone could just sit and “people watch” and have a good time.

What’s the point of a game you don’t play? I never figured that out.

And this is turn based, he said.

What’s the point of a painting?

That’s easy. Set it in a country outside Western Europe and the US.

There’s a convoy of some NGO carrying antimalarial and oral rehydration packs. You are a captain under an average warlord. If you take the truck, you will ensure supplies for your own troops, as well as being able to sell the surplus on the market. Then, maybe, you can afford a few extra stingers and a couple of crates of ak47’s.

Or maybe you are in a city armory. There’s a man asleep with the same size shoes as yours. Yours got holes.

It’s pretty nasty to think about, and definitely not something I want to play to enjoy.

I’d love to contribute, but I have a hard time imagining a turn based “life sim” - what’s your starting conditions? What’s the game like?

OK, you could sit and people watch while pressing the “wait” button. Jeesh.

But I was answering what I would want to see in such a game. If the AI was this bad-ass, then a life sim type game where you do things in such a world is all the better.


If you haven’t already, you might want to check out some of the Japanese Dating Sim games (the more ‘wholesome’ ones obviously). Those are often turn based and essentially function as a life sim.

Once you have familiarized yourself with these you should make a point to make your game nothing like these games because they are awful.

If you’re going to do this, I would not under any circumstances set it in the present time. I would either set it in the future or the past. I think it would be way more interesting that way. I had an idea for a turn based life sim that involved being a newly minted knight in a medieval style kingdom trying to work your way up the ranks by impressing your fellow nobles and the king and stuff. I could at least imaging playing something like that but I don’t think I would play a present day turn based life sim.

Good luck :)

Id like to see things you do not see in every day life, but maybe speculated on “What would you do if…”

IF there was an alien invasion…

IF there was a nucler war…

IF there was a convetional war and your home town was being invaded…

IF there were zombies all over the place…

IF a volcano sprung up somewhere in town…

That is the kind of stuff Id like to see in an real life type of sim.

Been done.