What does crossplay amongst everything mean for the game industry?

Does this change anything? Does it change the PC vs. Console dynamic when people look to upgrade or buy in the future. Just curious.

It changes nothing. Exclusives sell the boxes.

I’m amazed that of all the games to push cross-play forward, it’s freaking Fortnite.

The most popular game in the world?

Dragon Quest X had cross-play: PS4, WiiU, Switch, Android, Win10, iOS, 3DS.

I really would’ve thought that Minecraft would be the one. Fortnite is a terrible game: a flash in the pan that will be gone within a year. Minecraft is forever.

Will they do this with all the EA Sports games you think?

Fortnite has the economic power to force Sony’s hand. This doesn’t indicate a general change in Sony’s stance.

Hell, even Microsoft tried to open Sony up by withholding updates to Minecraft - and failed!

Neat! That’s pretty good news.