What does it mean when

your hand just starts turning sort of orange-yellow in splotches, and you weren’t playing with a marker or anything, and it doesn’t hurt or itch or smell like anything or wash off?


Liver failure?

Spider bite? Chemical burn? Terrorist attack? Flesh-eating bacteria?

  • Jaundice - causes yellow skin
  • Carotenemia - causes orange skin


The domain name is curious, but I trust them! I do believe you should get that checked out ASAP.

OMG, terrorist attack! Of course!

Yeah… yeah, if this is still like this tomorrow I’m going to call the doctor.

Get a blood test, fast. You might have a liver disease.

[size=1][edit]Doh, ppl beat me to it. Damn my distracted typing![/edit][/size]

If it changes anyone’s mind, it’s completely orange, no yellow about it.

Edit: liver disease would be awesome. I love that kind of irony.

That’s probably more reliable than inviting uniformed opinions on a gaming messageboard, based on a two-line description of the symptoms.

You should still get it checked out regardless.

Oh I will, assuming it doesn’t go away on it’s own. I just thought that someone here might know, which would give me some info at least.

There was a girl at college who went on an all-carrot diet. A week or two later, a group of us were sitting with her in the sun and we noticed that she looked awfully yellow. As we watched over an hour or two (listfully- we were getting over a big party) she turned bright orange. A bit like those things from Willy Wonka. After we got tired of seeing a human lava lamp before us, we took her to a doctor where she was diagnosed with Carotenemia. You haven’t been overdoing the carrots, have you?

I sure haven’t!

Having now seen it in the daylight, I feel sure that this is some physical substance that I rubbed my hand it somehow… you can see it filling the grooves in my skin. So I’m not too worried about it. Neither need you be, I should think.

Stop eating Cheetoes when you watch porn.

I know, this kind of reply is passe, but – ROFL!

Peel any oranges lately? The preservative coating sometimes rubs off onto your hands. Then again, it’d smell like an orange, and you’d probably be able to wash it off with soap and water if that were the case.

  • Alan

To be safe, do you have any extarlivers?