What does this look like to you?

A friend texted it to me and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. At first I thought it might be stockings, but the checker pattern is actually separate (as evidenced by the shadow on the right) so now I’m not so sure.


Why don’t you text back and ask your friend?

Something like “What the fuck is that?” would be what I’d put.

Edit : And then tell us because it’s sort of interesting. ( I guess Giraffe Scarf )

Obviously a lemur.

My guess is it’s her thigh. The contour on the right just seems … leggish.

She sent it to me as a little riddle, so I had to come back with an answer.

Apparently it’s her thigh indeed. Then she replied “Any more specific?”


UPDATE: I replied “your right thigh in tights.” Was spot on. Awesome.

She’s sending you photos of her thighs, and you’re posting them to public forums?

In my defense, I didn’t know it was her thigh until after I posted it.

Are we allowed to request specific photos? If so, I have a request.

I don’t think it works like that.

New one has me even more stumped. It’s apparently not a shoe strap.


Ummmmm. Stumped. Like wood. Stumps are chubby wood. Don’t need to say anymore here.

In all seriousness you are probably violating your friend’s trust by posting these here.

If you don’t know what that one is…have you ever seen a woman before?

Also, this girl probably wants to sleep with you. Why are you still on the internet?

Rajah needs to sign up for kickball, bad.

They’re not intimate photos, it’s just a game we play. I’m probably violating the rules of the game, but so far no one here’s given me the answer to anything.

Still, last thing I need is to start another hubbub over a nothing issue. Down come the photos.

Also, this girl probably wants to sleep with you. Why are you still on the internet?

She’s in Boston.

I don’t get the reference.

It’s possible to have sex in Boston.

We did.

Might I suggest you go over to her place and do what needs doing now? You’ve posted on the internet long enough. She’s dropping hints like she’s on a bombing run…

This “look at me” thread is great and all but is there any possibility of it delivering or should I stop checking it?

It wasn’t a “look at me” thread. I was trying to figure out what the first photo was and looking for help.

If anything, it’s a “help me cheat” thread.

“A girl texted me a random picture of her body, help me identify it” is a ‘look at me’ thread. Almost by definition, really.