What Else Are You Voting On?

AIUI, it would take a constitutional convention, which would basically mean re-writing the whole bloody thing. But, as it stands, the fucking thing has 512 amendments and is 8 times longer the US Constitution. It should be harder to amend a constitution than just a 50% vote.

I think it’s more that people don’t trust the state government to actually use the money for schools since nothing in the proposition actually requires that.

But it passed. Well, the state needs higher sales taxes. :(

On the upside, the three strikes reform is getting a 69% of the vote. Good news!

Since the proposition was retroactive be prepared for lots of poor, badly sentenced do gooders to be released from prisons in an area near you. Since the state has been transferring prisoners to local lockups (and they have been released due to lack of room in many cases) the crime rate has already risen.

I think many people have accepted propaganda on 3-strikes. But I am not going to argue the point here.