What ever happened to letting kids fight their own battles?

Two 9 year old girls get in a fight, so Girl A’s mother puts up a sexually suggestive Craigs List ad for Girl B. WTF? Just give it a few years, lady, and your kid will be able to defend herself by spreading around nude pictures or something.

At least this one didn’t end in a Myspace suicide, or Mom paying off a hitman to take out a rival cheerleader who had an edge at tryouts – but given a few years before she outed herself as a psycho I could totally see this mom turning into one of those types too.

As a side: Craigslist is funny. The ability to pull hilarious shenanigans has been around forever, but the “anonymity” people feel, plus the widespread use of this free service makes for some interesting stories. Rapes and serial killings aside, there have been several local instances of people posting an ad which says something to the effect of “Free stuff at my house, I gotta move asap” when someone they dislike is out of town and unable to protect the homestead.

She’s just really upset by the whole thing. Her biggest concern has always been that this not materially affect the victim or her child.

lolwut? She’s the one who made her a victim.

Just another step along the path to requiring the entire world be child safe.

Gotta love America

Roger Ebert on Raising Free-Range Kids

It’s even more disturbing that the woman who did this is a social worker.

Those kids are FUCKED. I think their best shot is to clear the slide with the trashcan lid and escape that way, but it’s iffy.

I always hated it when the zombies took over recess.

BTW, don’t let Valve see that pic, they’ll use it to justify L4D3.


Please tell me that’s from the cover of a book, because my 9-year-old son would be all over reading that and I’m looking for ways to encourage him to read more right now.

It actually pre-dates L4D1. It’s just a stand-alone piece of art. No book.

Oddly enough, that painting has been Angie’s desktop wallpaper for over a year now.

Agreed. Looks like 4 more kid zombies to me.

That doesn’t strike me as odd at all.

Due to popular demand, prints of Zombie Playground are now available. No book, but the guy who made it is pretty good.

Does that make me a vm?

There’s a cursory resemblance between the one girl and Zoe (red hoodie), and the fact that there’s 4 of them, but I also thought L4D as well.

Now that the L4D tools have been released, I think somebody needs to get on this.

What’s worse is that their moms won’t let them grow up when they reach college. We had a 19-year-old man show up in our office with his mommy, who was pissed off because no one would talk to her about her son’s classes because he needed to sign a release of information form first.

Apparently the son had been taking a stupid Pass/Fail course for 1 credit and–you guessed it–was due to fail the class because he’d skipped it once too often for the attendance policy. Supposedly he’d “overslept” his alarm for a noon class. His mother screamed abuse at the office personnel, choosing as her victims the lower-level hourly workers.

I wanted to ask her if she was going to go scream at her son’s employers when they fired him for oversleeping work.

I think one of the best parts of teaching at a university is the no talking to parents policy. I’m not sure I could teach at a high school where I had to talk with parents as well.

Favorite. pic. ever.