What ever happened to Tactica Online?

Does anyone have any inside info about Tactica Online? I haven’t heard anything about it in ages, and the official web pages seem to have been updated in March.

Last I heard, they were planning a semi-open beta this year. It’s a shame if the game has been delayed, as the premise sounds very interesting.

The only thing I recall seeing about it was someone at the boards there noticed in one of the artist’s blogs that he was working on another project, and his blog read something like “reassigned after Tactica Online was cancelled.”

The concensus was that the game was shelved - maybe they decided there were enough games around that used 32000 shades of brown already (it used the well-abused Gamebyro engine used by DAoC, which accounts for the browniness).

That’s a damn shame if true. I was really looking forward to this game.

Luke, one of the designers, was posting here. Maybe he’ll chime in. I was looking forward to this one, too.

I fear they’ve gone gaga.

Was really looking forward to this game :(

Seems they broke up though with an atist looking for another job and not a peep out of them for months.

Made a post on their boards long ago http://forums.tacticaonline.com/viewtopic.php?t=411 Was about the last poster there also… well not counting the huge load of free porn adverts that litter their boards now, moderation apperently is also down.

Think we can forget about this game. Shame liked what they were planning.