What first game for a new PC?

Max Payne 3 looks great still if you have it on your account.

Remember that gamepass is not available to most of the world. At least not legitimately.

Anyway, I second “any latwst Ubisoft game”. My personal preference is Odyssey but if vikinga or mummies are you thing they got you covered too. Watch Dogs Legion has a nice looking city. Red Dead Redemption is probably the nost realisticly looking game but the world is relatively boring, it’s just cowbow countryside.

Your timing is perfect for you new rig, because Armageddon Empires just came to Steam.

As a (once) professional game tester, I feel this is a duty.

Thank you!

Jagged Alliance 2

Well. That’s settled then.

Not actually on Gamepass though. Just checked. Maybe it used to be.


It got delisted from sale with its licenses expired. So not for sale anywhere anymore.

Did you play the Outer Wilds with your previous hardware?
Been waiting for so many years to be able to play it, but am terrified to do it now that I can, for a variety of reasons XD

It is what I came to post. So glad the Cult of the Wasteland is active as ever.

Great minds…

Cyberpunk #1
MS Flight Sim #2
Planet Zoo #3

Other not graphically intensive, but good newish games:

Per Aspera, Golftopia, Factorio v1.1


I mean, ya gotta know, right?

Supreme Commander. I think it has a bug though where if there are too many units it crashes. But of course you could test out how many you could get before your fps plummets or the game crashes, in which case you win!

I don’t think the overall look and feel of Cyberpunk 2077’s night city come together for me (mainly because of the jarring disconnect between the puerile sexual humour in the ads and none of it in the story/missions) even though it’s a great technical achievement. Except for the reflections and neon, the assets and overall composition are the same and don’t come together to form a pleasing whole to me–to me only though.

Yay, RTX?

Only Supreme Commander has a unit limit and I have reached it many times without crashing. You’d probably need to play Planetary Annihilation until it becomes a picture show which shouldn’t take very long because the game runs like total ass.

Oh, thanks for reminding me. SupCom was in fact one of the first games I tried out on my new PC, but at the time it was super laggy, which the forums seemed to attribute to an Nvidia graphics driver patch issue. So I put it down and haven’t looked at it again since. Just checked it now and it’s perfectly smooth!

Edit: Seems like the fix was recent, in the 466.11 drivers. So if you have issues, check you have those installed.