What game did you play today?... (or yesterday)

Actions speak louder than words, so if you played a game within the last 24 hours what the hell was it?

I played a little Puzzle Quest on the DS. I’ve had this game for years it seems. Maybe there is actually an ending if I keep playing it, I don’t know?!?

Also I played a little Forza 2 to help me fall asleep yesterday. It worked like a charm.

Thanks Forza!

Starcraft 2, (and Starcraft 2)

Last night I played the smallest scenario in Grigsby’s War in the East, Road to Minsk. I enjoyed it very much, even though I lost.

EU3: Divine Wind
World of Warcraft
Pinball FX 2

Just Cause 2
Beat Hazard
Revenge of the Titans

Dungeon Raid
Assassin’s Creed 2
and a little bit of Icewind Dale 2. (I made a party and realized I’d left out a thief so I quit the game to tackle it again a bit later)

Pac Man CE DX
…and patched up Elemental to 1.1

League of Legends
Goldeneye: Source

I haven’t won that one yet. I have to get into the blitzkrieg mindset!

Only thing I’ve had time for in the last 24 hours was a level of World of Goo.

Just Cause 2
Metro 2033
and the Steam Treasure Hunt.

Oh, and I played “Who’s going to cook dinner?” with my wife, which back when I was a college student was called a lazy battle.

A: I’m hungry, you cooking?
B: I’m hungry too, but you should cook, you’re a better cook.
A: I cooked last night.
B: You’re closer to the kitchen.
A: I bet you’re hungrier.
B: I am pretty hungry, which is why you should cook.

Extend this conversation for 30 minutes. (Oh, and I cooked.)

Diablo 2 with the awesome Median XL mod.

But what did you cook? P.S. Toast doesn’t count.

Also, I played Peggle for about five minutes this evening, and a few hours of MAG yesterday.

League of Legends, and today more League of Legends.

Blood Bowl. I just got around to playing the Dark Elves Edition that I got from the Impulse sale a while back.

About 10 weeks of a Dokapon Kingdom Story Mode campaign.
Shatter (Trying to catch up to and beat various scores I’m seeing on my Steam friends list)
And an asston of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, WTH it’s like the first genuine roguelike (Well, except I’m using tiles) I’ve played in twenty years that has held my attention for more than a couple brief sessions.

AI War Fleet Command (with all expansions)
Revenge of the Titans
League of Legends
TF2 (the war-themed hat simulator)

I had to beat Dungeon Crawl twice before it released me from its icy grip of hard-core addiction. That game is the hawtness!!

Chicken in white wine, rice, and spinach artichoke dip inside little puff pastry cups.

It was good.

Actually, that does sound good.