What game did you play today?


Feel free to include board games. Feel free to discuss the fun or irritation you had with said game.

Endless Space 2 - in the finale - building megaships is super fun
Aven Colony - new scenarios are great, enjoying playing on higher difficulties now for a better chance to lose





But what if it is Tuesday?!!??!!


a couple rounds of world of warships with the morning coffee. then when the kids were at the pool with mom i flew a bit of DCS in VR. then later i played a good bit of subnautica with my son as copilot. we both dig that game very deeply.


Off the top of my head… post in the game specific thread or make one if needed? Not to shit on anyone’s parade I guess, just seems a little redundant to me?


You’re not wrong.


Totally didn’t even think about people posting daily in that one lol.


Today I played the heated discussion with the wife game. She wants to use tax return money to buy an elliptical machine. I said it will just end up as a very expensive clothes hanger. She prevailed. Then she said that the upstairs bedroom needed to be painted so it could be her exercise room. I said that it’s fine the way it is. She painted it.

I always seem to lose this game.


Have you tried lowering the difficulty?


With this wife? Ain’t gonna happen. :)


If multiplayer mode isn’t working then either resign yourself to losing, or try single player.

I’m guessing you’ll go option A and learn to love loosing


The early bits of Morrowind GOTY on the Mac (via Crossover).


Finished up Subnautica, it was a really enjoyable experience!


Pillars of Eternity in single character mode. My Monk is kicking ass :)

Plus Set up Mansions of Madness for tomorrows family boardgame night.


Faeria and Guild Wars 2. I am trying to slowly collect all the basic cards in Faeria without paying for them. Just a goal. I play the game for 20-30 minutes a day.

GW2 I am almost done with. I have two characters at 80. I never finished story mode so I’m trying to finish it. I may be done with the game after that, though the appeal of logging in for a few minutes each day to get the bonus, including the level boosts, may keep me playing. Might as well get a few more characters to 80.



I’m not proud of myself.


dude when your wife wants to stay in shape that’s an investment in YOU