What game is this?

I’m guessing this might be one for Kitsune…

That’s quite obviously Tribble: The MMORPG

From looking at the directory path in the screenshot and from some quick Googling, I’m guessing Ragnarok Online from Gravity?

Revenge of the happy friendly orange people?

Wow. I had no interest in that game but if that is a normal gameplay screenshots, sign me up. That reeks of awesome 2d happy fun graphics, especially if those jiggle.

It is indeed Ragnarok Online.

Here’s a screenshot of my one night in that game:

That looks, uh, orderly. Why do they ask you to leave if you want to play? It IS a game, right?

Because when you log in to RO (or so it used to be, it’s been a while since I played), you’re ported in via a castle keep-type area. You then leave the keep to go out and actually play the game.

The first time I logged in to Ragnarok was during the beta, and none of the exits in the castle were working, so everyone was effectively stuck. I pointed my avatar at a wall that happened to have a window graphic on it, and had an extended conversation with someone about what we were seeing outside. :) Maybe I should try playing it now that it actually works… if I can peel myself out of the WoW beta.

We just got an Australian server for RagnarCrack, it’s in beta at the moment and free until the end of the month. I’ve stopped playing because there’s actually nothing to do but walk around and kill things, level up and kill some more. There’s also alot of things I found frustrating.

ie; Having to be in one city to mix 3 things 2 of which are easy to get off dead things, the last been in a city that takes 20 minutes to talk to - keep in mind that you have to walk there and back again. (Which I cheated on - I saved in the city where the mixer is, walked to the other city - got my thing I needed and got myself killed, which put me back at the city with the mixer. )

It’s good to see that we’re finally getting MMRPGs here though.

I want one!

You put Wirt’s toilet plunger in the hellraiser box and access the secret Kirby level.

You can have one - you can have them as pets.

I should note that each sprite you see is actually about fifty sprites stacked on top of each other, and it looked like that for the full seven hours I spent in-game. You had to wait in line to be teleported to the main area, only there was no line… you just kept clicking onthe teleporter until you got lucky.

Granted, they’ve fixed this, from what I hear. That was a number of years ago, when it was brand new.

Its Ragnorok alright. My 13 yr old plays it constantly. One of the foulest most cheat-filled communities I’ve witnessed. Many players have gone off and started their own servers in protest.

Mutant Marshmello Peeps.

Okay then, what’s THIS?

Judging by the link it is a game called Priston Tale


Nutsak, the fact you know what all these lame games are bugs the crap out of me. You were my stalker buddy, and now you are just all soft.

I pray this is just some misunderstanding.

All I did was look at the path of the link and used my MASSIVE BRAIN to google the odd looking names for what the game is . I’ve never even heard of it. :)

Don’t fret viva le S.T.A.L.K.E.R !

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