What game is this?

[INDENT=3]For the life of me, I can’t think of the name of a particular game. It is an RTS. I was thinking it was Rise of Nations, but it’s not that. It has three more alien races in it. I wanna say it came out about 10 years ago or so.

I seem to remember Tom was pretty keen on this game too. Anyone?


Rise of Legends?

Hmm… maybe this link will help:


BAM! That was it! Thanks Doc!

Damn. That game is still part of my epic backlog.

Mine as well, I keep reading how good it is but have yet to play it.

One of the few RTS that I’ve played. Just a reminder for people, the single player campaign is not great, because you always fight your own faction. At least you get to play all 3 factions eventually.

Happy to help! First time I have ever hit it on the first try in a “help me identify X” thread.

Some days I’d rather be lucky than good.

It was my favorite RTS game for years, and it still ranks as one of my top 3. I just played it last summer for the heck of it again, and got right back into it. Incredibly well made.