What game system for 9 year old girl?

I could really use some insight here please. I have very little experience with game system since the Atari 2600. It’s been all PC games for me. My daughter’s been playing a friend of her’s old Playstation and she seems to really like it. So, what the hell is out there now? Dreamscape, Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube and what else? I haven’t paid attention to this kind of stuff ever. I really don’t want to spend $500 on the the absolute latest and greatest but whatever is 2nd best would be cool. Pros and cons, opinions, etc - all welcome. Thanks again.

I would suggest Reality 1.0, it’s not the latest platform, but has a pretty good track record. I especially recommend the “Parks”, “Fishing”, and “Daddy Pays Attention” expansiond packs, while they don’t have the latest graphics, they do seem to have staying (read>>replayability) power.

I would recommend a DSlite (nintendo) or maybe even the Wii when in comes out next month.

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DS Lite is the best Option…worked for my 9 yr old

Actually, you might consider the original DS, which is more durable, IMO. If you want something for the whole family to play together, look into Nintendo’s new system, the Wii, which comes out on November 17th. It’s part of the “next gen” but won’t break the bank as badly as some of the other new systems, and should be great fun for all.

What games has she playing on her friend’s Playstation?

I would get a Gamecube or Nintendo 64. The DS is a great system and probably the best choice, but I’m a little wary about portable video games for kids. As someone who owned a Gameboy during his developmental years, I really think don’t think having games available at all times is healthy. The Gamecube/n64 can be more easily moderated and the games are fun and mostly geared towards all ages.

I’m on board with delirium.

I’m a huge fan of the DS, but it’s fundamentally a single-player system, which wouldn’t really give your daughter the chance to play with you or her friends.

I’m a big fan of the Nintendo systems - my own daughter cut her gaming teeth on the SNES back in the day. So I’d go for a Gamecube or Wii.

And don’t listen to CindySue’s snarkiness - a moderate amount of gaming is quite reasonable for a 9-year-old. I mean, how much time can you really spend fishing? :)

If she liked her friend’s Playstation, consider a Playstation 2. I think they’re ~$130 new, and used ones are also available. PS2s play games created for both the PS2 and PS1. They have a huge games library, and if you walk into most games stores (GameStop, etc), about half the inventory is PS2 stuff. Most of the games, used or new, are less than $20.

Nintendo Gamecube is also nice, and slightly cheaper ($99 new, I think). Gamecube also has the virtue of having 4 controller ports standard (versus 2 for PS2), so if you spend 3 X ~$10 each for 3 extra controllers, there are a fair number of Gamecube titles that support 4 players, and are usually pretty fun (I especially recommend Super Monkey Ball 2). PS2 has an optional device that lets you plug in 4 controllers, but AFAIK, it is not supported by very many games.

There are fewer Gamecube titles on the shelf at most stores, but still a fair selection, and prices are reasonable.

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She likes the little dragon game Spiro.

Thanks guys. That’s exactly the kind of info I need to hear. I have no idea about this kind of stuff. I like the game selections for the PS2 but I also like the idea of 4 controllers (with available titles for the gamecube). We have four kids ranging from 9 to 3. Thanks for the insight.

You can (or at least could) get a “game tap” for the Playstation2 that will allow you to run 4 controllers

My vote goes to the gamecube too. 4 controllers, various Mario Party games for multiplayer fun with friends or family, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart etc.

If cost isn’t your number one priority, I’d go for the (sigh) Wii. Still in your budget, has backward compatibility with the GC, and would be able to play all the new fangled wave-your-arms games.

Support for the gametap is limited, though, isn’t it? Nintendo is really the “party game” platform, now that the Dreamcast is pretty much dead.

I have a multitap for my PS2. I’ve used it… once, for Champions of Norrath.

Go for the GameCube.

ds lite

If you can see spending $600+ over the next couple of years on system + hardware + games, then a Wii is likely a reasonable system ($250 for system, right? + ~$40-50 for fancy Wii controllers and probably $50 per game).

But if your budget is a bit tighter, you can easily pick up a GameCube, 3 controllers, and 6-12 games (mix of used and new) for $250 or so. PS2 would be in the same ballpark, or possibly a hair more expensive.