What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2017?


I think this is a trend as it eases the migration from PC to Touch Pad.


Thanks for the early feedback. It sounds like you have your hands full, but you don’t need to give QT3 an exhaustive review until July 18th, so take your time.

Seriously though, good luck with all the real-life stuff.


All the truly creative indie titles we haven’t even heard of yet.


Are these getting harder and harder to find?

I saw those graphs on how Steam had more games come out in 2016 than all of time put together. So that must mean the gems are getting harder and harder to find, surely?


Not if you’re willing to put a little effort into it. Being semi-retired and working from home helps. Every morning I check the upcoming new releases for things that might look interesting. If anything catches my eye I’ll start checking out the website and any available videos and see if it’s worth following up on. Eventually I’ll either write a title off, put it on my wishlist as a reminder, or purchase it on the spot.

I do the same thing again later in the day checking on titles that just went live in case I missed something.

I spend more time hunting for hidden treasures than I do playing them.


Final additions?!?!?!
Raid: World War II
Battle Chasers: Nightwar


So what games are set to come out as the big holiday releases this season?

Cuphead just came out, I’m planning on picking that up this weekend.
Hob just came out.
Agents of Mayhem recently came out, I plan to pick that up soon once I get time for it.
Destiny 2 just came out, I got that.
Forza 7 just came out, sorta.

Wolfenstein II
Evil Within 2 is the other Bethesda games release
South Park II
Assassin’s Creed VII is the other big Ubisoft release
Battlefront II
Need For Speed Payback is the other EA Games release
Call of Duty XIV
Shadows of Mordor II
Lego Marvel Super Heroes II is the other WB release
LA Noire remake is the big 2K release for the holiday I guess
PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the big Microsoft release left now that Cuphead and Forza 7 are out
Uncharted: Lost Legacy recently came out
Gran Turismo: Sport is the big other Sony release left
Super Mario Odyssey is the big Nintendo release coming up

OK, that list was a lot longer than I was expecting. As I was typing, it just kept growing. So lots of big releases still to go for the year.


These should fill out the rest of the year quite nicely. Guess it’s clear where I fall on the sp/mp scale.

But you never know what will go on sale on BF.


The BETA for this was not good, and the game released this week. I suggest avoiding till it hits $10 or less. Just doesn’t feel like they had this in the oven long enough.

Otherwise , yeah still quite a few must haves coming out this year. I can’t wait to see end of the year top 10 good/bad lists.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


I can’t think of anything I’m looking forward to for the remainder of the year.

Which isn’t to say I won’t be pleasantly surprised by a number of indie titles that just pop in from out of nowhere.


This has effectively been out for months and has sold like 13M copies.


True, but it’s not out on Xbox yet, right? I was just looking by publisher, and that was the only big Microsoft release that I could find for the rest of 2017.

I enjoyed @tomchick and @Jason_McMaster’s PUBG session a lot on the Qt3 livestream.


Let’s see, Andromeda came out so I guess all I’m really anxious for this year is the new Layton game on 3DS.


Looking back at my June post, from my list I ended up getting:
Dirt 4 (while a good game it turns out I didn’t want another Rally game as much as I thought)
Prey (pretty happy with this one)
Race for the Galaxy (another good one)

I’ll probably get these at a bargain at some point:
The Surge
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Torment: Tides of Numenera
Nier: Automata
Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The only upcoming release that I want a lot is:
Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus PC


Yeah, i didn’t gel with Dirt 4 either. I just didn’t find the same joy with the procedurally generated courses as I did with the hand made courses in DiRT Rally.


What is this? I’ve never heard of it. Is it a strategy game? (If so, I can ignore it until 2025).

EDIT: I found the Qt3 thread. It sounds like a mobile version of a board game, which is why it never got on my radar I guess.


There has, in the last few weeks, been a sudden uptick in games I’m interested in between discussions here, podcasts, and just browsing the steam store. Here are the ones on Steam I want (note some of these I may grab on Switch instead, because the Switch is awesome). Click for the full list.

In addition to this, I also want Nioh on PC, I have pre-ordered Mario Odyssey and I haven’t hardly touched Mario+Rabbids, I am keenly interested in Golf Story (Switch), I want to get Assassin’s Creed Origins as well, and there are some 3DS games I need (Etrian Odysse V, Metroid Samus Returns) as well as the expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn and the Uncharted 4 Lost Story title.


EDIT - Forgot about the Crypt of the Necrodancer Amplified DLC, also I still want Binding of Isaac on Switch and Shiren The Wanderer for Vita.


There are plenty of games that I think I’d like, like Hob, maybe Battle Chasers, and a bunch of others - but there just hasn’t been a lot that I’ve been like - damn I need to get that game.


I honestly feel like my pre-order of Mario Odyssey plus stuff I already own like Warhammer 2 will keep me in the black the rest of the year, but everything on this list I kind of want to be playing. Not enough time in the day, honestly.