What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2018?


Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Phoenix Point (maybe?)
Kingdom Come Deliverance
Metro Exodus
System Shock remake (but doubtful based upon their progress so far)
Stellar Tactics


Don’t break my heart by making me think DERPSPACE will hit in 2018!


Early Access maybe, but I can’t believe the full version will be out by then. Chaos Reborn went Early Access a bit faster, but PP is a lot more ambitious, and less suited to a polished vertical slice than CR was in EA.


Hey, the last time it happened we at least got Freespace 2 out of it.


Railway Empire
Probably Train Valley 2 (I like its predecessor)
And I am curious about Age of Civilizations II.


Oooh I forgot about UBOOT. Thx!


Whatever Triumph Studios might be working on. Eh, @Lennart_Sas!!??


Looks like you can pre-order this for $30?


So that means this is a bargain title, not a full priced game? What does that mean? Maybe it’s a short game?


I am liking this furiously!


2018 looks like it will be another great year for games.

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Apart from CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk game, Rockstar’s Red Dead sequel is my most anticipated game ever! It’s been 5 years since GTA V shipped, and I’m dying to experience another one of Rockstar’s meticulously detailed open-worlds. RDR’s OST hasn’t left my playlist since 2010, and nothing beats exploring a vast wilderness on horse back. The most recent trailer reminded me of train robbery opening of Andrew Dominik’s The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford, so if I get similar nihilistic Western vibes when exploring, I’ll be beyond thrilled.
  1. Metro Exodus - The direction the studio’s taking the series with Exodus sounds like an incredibly appealing mix of the best of both the Metro and Stalker games. When the game was announced, the press release mentioned nonlinear levels and noted that the game would take place across an entire year with each season represented. Say no more 4A Games!
  1. No Truce With the Furies - An ambitious retro-futuristic detective CRPG developed by a new studio in Estonia and published by Humble Bundle. It seems similar to Age of Decadence, where the game relies heavily on skill checks, but here the interactive fiction strips away traditional combat, so you’ll experience confrontations instead, which will vary greatly depending upon your character build. For example, role-playing with a high intellect build will make your character overly confident, vulnerable to flattery, and see them frequently lost in the details and minutiae of the world, which results in longer more detailed flavor text and descriptions, while having a low Intellect makes you dim, superstitious, and often making wrong assumptions about the case and suspects you’re pursuing. I’m watching this one closely!
  1. Ion Maiden - This is a shooter that’s coupling truly retro gameplay with truly retro tech, using the original Build engine and its ideas, while taking advantage of 20 years of community know-how to create a Build engine shooter that wouldn’t have been possible in 1996/1997. The team’s comprised of veteran modders from the 1990s FPS community, including EDuke32 vets and Duke Nukem 3D mappers, who have created a brand new 8-bit palette, amplifying the era’s original aesthetic and creative techniques (think Mega Man 9 and 10) for a modern audience. Considering the team’s pedigree (they’re like shooter historians who happen to be seriously talented engineers and designers) this project’s in good hands!
  1. Rune: Ragnarok - 17 years after the original Rune, Human Head are re-imagining the IP as an open-world sandbox RPG. Running on UE4, you can customize your viking however you want, pledge your allegiance to one of the Norse Gods for special abilities and Pagan powers, team-up with other players, jump in a longboat and engage in ship-to-ship combat or set sail to distant lands to raid rival camps, hunt, or take down enormous beasts for special loot.
  1. God of War (2018) - I’m not a fan of the series, but I love the previous work of the writing team assembled for this soft-reboot, which includes Anachronox and Lost Planet 3, so I’m very keen to check this out (plus, I love vikings!). If the characters are as well realized as those two games, then I’m on board with any, potentially, corny father-son story Sony Santa Monica have in store for me.
  1. Vampyr - Set in London during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, Dotnod’s open-world vampire game allows players to finish the game without killing any humans, but what’s more appealing to me is that there’s no morality meter. The idea of playing as a vampiric doctor who’s struggling to reconcile his need for blood and the Hippocratic Oath is hilarious, and given the studio’s recent track record, I’m looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out. It’s been so long since Vampire: Bloodlines!
  1. A Way Out - Josef Fares’ rant against the Oscars was either the best or worst part of the recent Game Awards show, but after Brothers, the best Starbreeze game ever, I’m on board with whatever he’s working on next. A Way Out definitely stands out in EA’s line-up, and the scripted but variable co-op focus is immediately appealing.
  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - For backers, it’s been a long time coming, but this incredible enticing historical open-world RPG is nearly here. The combat looks a little tricky, but the amount of freedom the player seemingly has to tackle problems in multiple ways looks fantastic. I hope it lives up to the hype!


Totally forgot about Surviving Mars.


mount and blade: bannerlords (finally 2018?)


Last of Us 2. Hoping it doesn’t make my list for looking forward to in 2019.


I keep forgetting about Code Vein (anime Souls). Early 2018. I’ll play that if it’s good. Let’s hope.


This looks pretty good:


So much of this makes no sense to me.

Hellhunter is an investigative action RPG

Ok, so it’s an ARPG where you investigate things?

that pits you against the horrors of the afterlife, let loose on a small town.

That doesn’t sound very investigative. Mostly your standard ARPG fare maybe?

As a Hellhunter, you’ll plan, hunt, and kill to pay the bills

Plan and THEN hunt and kill? So like the original Rainbow Six? I’m assaulting this mansion. The afterlife monsters are holed up in this room over here with the hostages they’re threatening to send to purgatory.

and get revenge on the monster that butchered your family. Just remember - a smart hunter is always prepared.

I give up trying to picture this.


Looking at the screenshots for it, my guess is you do some research at the sites, figure out what is haunting there and read some book entries , then hit the black market and your car trunk for gear to go kick some monster ass. :)

Or think of it as GRIMM as a video game.


Another list.


One I haven’t seen mentioned and hasn’t been showing up on the lists is First of the North Star. It’s got the Yakuza team making it and it shows, looks to be that type of game applied to the FotNS license. I’m assuming of course they bring it over to the States though.


It looks like the year of the citybuilder. Holy crap.

  • Frostpunk
  • Surviving Mars
  • Anno 1800
  • Rise of Industry
  • They are Billions (ok, half citybuilder, half RTS)