What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2018?


I too am now intrigued by Nantucket—whaling being one of those horrific, usually deplorable things I nevertheless would want to play a video game about. However, I will be disappointed if you can actually kill the white whale.


I think the term is very loosely used these days.


Definitely looking forward to Monster Hunter World! Counting the days on that one.

Also excited for Street Fighter 5 AE which looks like it will add a lot to the game, plus my favorite character is top of the order for season 3. :)


Shooters aren’t nearly as bad. Only a few games that could be great, but might not be.


Anno 1800
Wargames (is that 2018?)
Red Dead 2
Crackdown 3
The Journey Down chapter 3
Sunless Skies
Surviving Mars
Mount & Blade 2
Skull & Bones (though I fully expect Ubi to fuck it up)
Valkyria Chronicles 4


The World Ends With You: Final Remix shot to the top of my 2018 list the instant it was announced. I’m also interested in a couple of the other Switch ports Nintendo announced, particularly Dark Souls.

I forgot The Stonebound Saga and Tiny Epic Defenders 2E when making my initial list…but they’re both tabletop games I backed on Kickstarter, so they don’t really help with my initial complaints.

That said, my girlfriend got an Xbox One for Christmas, so that helps a bit with regards to which platforms I can play things on! And I’m hoping to get a new PC within the next few months, so that helps even more!


Posted this in the wrong thread, lol, was tired last night!

Game Informer does a decent release calendar every year, they keep it updated also.


I think we covered them all here, but double check anyway. :p


I don’t think anyone here has mentioned Ace Combat 7. It amazes me that this series continues to exist. I’ve never met anyone who is a fan.


I had your back in the second post, actually.


Nice! Tell me more Otagan. What do you love about the Ace Combat series?


The series is great at making the player feel like a badass (about the closest thing I can get in terms of feel to TIE Fighter of yore), and when the difficulty is cranked all the way up then a reasonably high level of proficiency is required in order to not get pasted, which further feeds back into feeling like the greatest pilot ever. The soundtrack is generally always superb, the modern jet theming is appealing to me, and most missions are interesting, replayable and generally brief enough to allow for short play sessions.

About the three knocks I have against it are that it’s too arcadey at times (though it knows full well it’s not a proper flight sim), the story/dialogue are laughably cheesy sometimes, and the series is not consistent in terms of quality. Assault Horizon was an atrocious game. Thankfully, 7 appears ready to correct most of their previous missteps.

Time will tell if that’s actually true.



So, when are we going to see the demo? oO
Jan 8, 2018 | 07:58 PM

At the PC Gamer Weekender on Feb 17-18th. All of the information can be found in the dev blog.
Jan 11, 2018 | 08:43 PM


So I think I am looking forward to Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Obviously, Pillars Deadfire.

Total War: Britainia.

And some great open world game that I just don’t see yet.


This video did not help my Steam wishlist…


A lot of Unity clunk-fests rounding out the 20 there! ;)


The one that jumped out at me is Anno 1800. Those graphics… wow.


Not only that, it seemed like few of the videos did much to convey what that game was striving to be. Well, other than yet another game where you can spin your buildings around before plunking them down on the map.

Luckily, Frostpunk, Surviving Mars and Rise of Industry have already captured my interest from other formats.

How old was the Rise of Industry gameplay in that video? It looked nothing like the Let’s Plays out recently.


I just hope it’s much more like 1404 and 2070 than it is 2205.