What Games Are You Looking Forward To In 2022?

The “that’s not the case, as far as I know” was meant to apply to the “planned to come out for PC this year” part only, but hey, I’m glad you enjoyed that mental image! if it helps, that image is accurate regarding my backlog, so there’s that. ;)

I’m looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 myself.

Couple of new items on here that I missed from Polygon, such as Baldur’s Gate III (which of course, could always get delayed into 2023 but so could anything, technically). I’ll update my list just to try and keep this stuff on my radar, if nothing else.

The only game not mentioned so far that I am praying doesn’t slip to 2023 would be Kerbal Space Program 2. It’s had some speed bumps outside of COVID during the development process but I’m still hopeful it is the KSP sequel I’ve been dreaming of.

They do talk about that one in the PCGamer article - I never got into the first one, but talk from PC Gamer of an improved UI and better tutorial makes me more interested, for sure.

From the Trese Brothers

Looking forward to more info on this one. Could be great.

Sifu has been mentioned here a few times.

Ooh, yikes. It was on my to-play list, but maybe not. Otoh I don’t usually get along with rogue likes, but this one has no procedural generation, which makes it sound more like Hotline Miami, which I did like (10 years ago). Otooh unskippable cutscenes sound like tooth extraction without anesthesia.

Some other sites are much more positive on it, it’s getting 9s from some places, I’ve also seen a 4 on the low side.

9 from IGN

9 from Gamespot

I’m not sure I can handle this. I can’t believe game developers are using unnecessary repetition in the year 2022.

I watched ACG’s take on the game. He seemed to enjoy it a lot with a few caveats.

Best review for me (as usual) is by Shillup:

I think he describes it in a way that will help most people realize if they’ll enjoy it or not.

I was sold again in the first 3 minutes. The levels are short and can be made even shorter with practice, and you’re checkpointed to your age at the start of a new level, but might be too old at that point to complete the game. At least that gives you a taste of what’s to come before sending you back to the start to get better at the game. That’s not too bad.

One of the worst things about videogames is when they force you to repeat trivial gameplay to get to the part you actually want to learn or enjoy. It’s like an unskippable cutscene for gameplay. Just awful.

Here at least you can pay that forward to a reasonable checkpoint. You can also have the same problem within a level, where you just want to go fight the boss. But it sounds like the shortcuts help. So at least the structure of the game isn’t fundamentally flawed. (Heh, I wrote this post before finishing the rest of the video where he talks quite a bit about structure.)

Songs of Conquest is coming along nicely.

More like soon to be conquest of my wallet. ^.^

Well, not soon - looks like it’s early access that drops Q2 which is why, while I’m excited for this one and have been following it awhile now on and off, I’m taking it off my radar for now.

New Developer update. I like that he gives credit to his team by name, even the intern gets a shout out.