What "Grandpa Movie" did you just watch?

Oh god how I love this one.
I need to see it again I think.
I’ve seen it so many times, I’ve lost count, but it’s one that I never tire of. So good.
I refuse to even acknowledge the remake, even though I just did.

edit: I apparently already own this (the original) on DVD according to Amazon. Purchased July 16, 2016.
But where did I put it?
I hope I did not gift it away to someone who isn’t going to even watch it.

I do not keep up on Hollywood. To what are you referring?

Have not seen this. Want to.
The girlfriend is here though, and she gets seriously traumatized if movies show animals being killed (human slaughter is fine though). I’m assuming this one will be out of the question for her? Because otherwise, she loves Eastwood’s stuff.

I’d wait. Or have her leave at the appropriate time (it’ll be obvious).

Maybe. Maybe Barefoot or Odd Couple. I’m not sure.

They could have made him a hockey player. That would have made him a convincing Canadian.

A Labatt’s-drinking, back bacon chewing hockey player. Maybe he could have attacked the Germans with a hockey stick at the end? You know, the one he always kept on the boat (for emergencies, and for old times’ sake).

@divedivedive I am stealing this for the Grandpa movie thread,

1.) Was Stewart playing against type?

2.) Any other examples of this anyone can think of?

I would say so, definitely. His Scottie was a man obsessed, determined to remake a woman to be the image of his dead girlfriend, not the more upstanding type of character I imagine most were accustomed to.

I’ll buy that. I think he played a bit against type in Anatomy of a Murder too. He’s a bit cold and calculating in that film…

This old lawyer rates Anatomy of a Murder as perhaps the best and certainly the most realistic trial movie ever filmed. OTOH, I hate The Verdict with a passion. Paul Newman’s wonderful performance aside, Lumet’s script was so ludicrous I almost got kicked out of the theater because I started laughing out loud.

See my comments here, unless you don’t want to be reminded of Paul Newman’s current health status

Your criticism of The Verdict was spot on and that was only half of what was wrong with it.

The thing I will compliment The Verdict for is the Cinematography. That is it.

Jason, I’ll also call out as superb George C, Scott in Anatomy.

Oh shit, I nearly forgot to thank you for this suggestion! I nearly talked the girlfriend into watching “White Hunter, Black Heart”, but then I read her your post, and she (unbelievably) thought that “Baby Face” sounded fantastic, and insisted we watch it “right now!” I say “unbelievably” because she generally has to have her arm twisted pretty hard to watch anything older than say 2000. And black and white is just out of the question.

But your little summary there (the Nietzsche mention helped, along with that video clip) apparently did the trick. Now, I love old films (Noir is my thing), but I was stunned that she was willing to watch a film from 1933. Stunned I tell you.

And she loved it, and wanted me to thank you for recommending it. She said it was one of the best films she’d seen in a long time. She must have just been in the right frame of mind or something, because while I enjoyed it a lot, I didn’t get nearly as much from it as she did. I thought it was predictable (which I totally expect from a movie that old) and pretty superficial. To which she agreed, but loved it in spite of that. Her exact words when it was over were, “That was great! I loved it! Stanwyck was fantastic. Excellent movie. So glad we saw that one.”

I still can’t get over that she loved it so much. For Stanwyck, I’ll always go with “The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers” as her top performance. Anyway, that was certainly $3 well-spent.

We watched it on Amazon. You mention that you watched the uncensored version, but I could find nothing about that on the Amazon version. I’m assuming we saw the censored version, since I think I caught a word being silenced from the audio track, but not sure. I’m curious as to where you saw the version you watched? The one we saw was an hour and 15 minutes.

The picture quality was excellent, and the audio was pretty good considering the time period it’s from. I’m assuming some sort of restoration was involved.


Oh, and we both agreed that the (somewhat ambiguous) happy ending was unnecessary, and it would have been much better without it, but it was generally well-done and not “too happy”, and it was only something like less than a minute long. I was expecting something far more sappy than that.

Is this the best Stephen King adaptation? I’m inclined to think so.

I am partial to this, myself, in that category:

The best King adaptation has to be this:

I’m partial to


because they are truly spectacularly bad movies.

I see what you did there. Well played…

Kinda liked Christine, myself, but then I guess I’m pretty much a Carpenter fanboy.

It is a good adaption, as is Carrie. I am not a King fan particularly, so it has to go a mile extra to please me.