What "Grandpa Movie" did you just watch?


So I saw the above and it was OK. Not a bad film, the shots were excellent and Dullea was quite good here (pre-2001) and Olivier was quite good as well. The script just was OK. Not that compelling, IMO. I wouldn’t recommend it except to a Preminger completist.


All who are interested, just be aware that Grandpa movies are welcomed in the rebooted Quarter To Three Movie Club:


Last night’s viewing was Wait Until Dark. Goddamn, Audrey Hepburn was amazing in that movie. You really do believe that she’s blind.

Alan Arkin is menacing in a cartoonish way…honestly, I found him a little bit distracting. It didn’t ruin it though. Overall, ,very tense, and the last 15 minutes remain downright terrifying for a 50 year old movie. Recommended.


I shall watch it.

I just saw Wim Wenders’ The American Friend the other day and I was a bit underwhelmed. Ganz was terrific, the shots were stunning, and the action sequences were taut. But it just seemed to be missing something. Hopper was just…ok.

It wasn’t bad, but t wasn’t great. I don’t know if I’d watch it again or strongly recommend it.


Yeah. Wenders’ early stuff (that I’ve seen) is pretty hit or miss. Can’t really speak for the early, early stuff.


Yeah, I really had only seen Paris, Texas previously by him. Hence my high expectations.


I’m thinking I’m very likely the only person who frequents QT3 who hasn’t seen Paris,Texas, but has actually been to Paris, Texas.


I’ve done both. :) I find Texas very zen, from the Piney Woords, to the Big Bend to the Hill country to the Panhandle. Don’t know that I’d want to live there again, but it is very beautiful.


I’ve driven through it in the mid-90s! Doesn’t count, I know, but on a road trip from New Orleans to Salt Lake City, we ended up going through. We even stopped and took a picture of the “Paris, Texas” sign, entirely because of the movie.


So that’s a Patricia Highsmith adaptation? I’ll have to check it out.


Yeah, it’s not a bad film at all. The last half hour just kind of lost me. Wenders spun off into arty/obscure land with the script and destroyed his own slow burn, IMO. And I think while the Ganz-Hopper friendship is realistic, there are other aspects of Hooper’s character that seemed incongruous. It is worth a watch, Wenders’ cinematography and Ganz’s performance are fantastic. As is a scene in the Paris Metro. I am a sucker for 70s European visuals.

It is on FilmStruck.


Ugh. I actually saw this at the theater as a child. My mom took me to lots of adult movies. I am old.


This just got added to Filmstruck this month. Never seen it. It has always been difficult to obtain. I am thrilled!


I’m going to throw a very light one out there: The Perils of Pauline

Silliness everywhere. This movie has been remade at least 3 or 4 times, from 1914 to (I think the latest) in 1967. Fun and relatively thoughtless, though it might be interesting to rewatch it now through the lens of #metoo


So…I cannot finish The Devils.

I had hoped, really hoped that this was Ken Russell doing something more like his early Musical Biofilms, which I enjoy:

But it was just all over the place. A precursor to Lisztmania and Tommy. Bad schlocky Russell with cartoonish performances and shock for shock’s sake. Unfortunate.


That’s too bad. It’s always been a hard to access movie that I was curious about, although apparently the uncensored version is more coherent and interesting yet may no longer exist.


It really disappointed me. I’d waited for what. 30 some years to be able to see it, from the time I first heard of it?

Upon reflection, after that early promise, Russell really just hasn’t done anything that I’d rank above tritely decent (Lair of the White Worm) or decent but seriously flawed (Crimes and Misdemeanors) since his Omnibus days.




The movie is excellent and it really works at the end, but it creeps in into you. Certainly if feels really off until the second half, where a lot of its sins are redeemed.

How far in did you get???

Caveat: I’ve seen the most uncensored version available, I don’t know which specific version you have access to.

(It was also into my list to nominate for the Movie Club next…)


Hi Juan. I got 1 hour into it, and couldn’t take any more. This was just below the Lair of the White Worm/Lisztmania Russell for me. It was the uncensored 1h 40m version on FilmStruck. Every time I saw the scenes with Louis XIII and Richelieu, I wanted to burn the film. This, I guess, counted as a “Walk Out” metaphorically speaking. God, all the actors were capable of so much more. Bad Russell! BAD!