What "Grandpa Movie" did you just watch?


He certainly is faithful to the book. Maybe Forsyth’s best? It’s also (subtly, in 1973 when it was filmed) a faithful early-60s period piece.


One of my favorites, if not the top it is certainly close to it.


TDotJ was added to Netflix UK recently, so I popped it in my queue. It might be on US Netflix too.


Excellent tip, thank you!


Not on US Netflix. But they have Survivor.!

Grumble grumble Netflix and movie selections grumble.


Tonight’s Grandpa Movie:

Rewatching the Mr. Arkadin (comprehensive version) on Filmstruck


I always see this and walk away…disappointed? It could have been so much more but the curse on Welles Films; the fitful production leading to the technical difficulties, bad dubbing and mix-match footage are hard to get over.


Will be watching, tonight or tomorrow.

And now that I think about it, this could go in war movies as well.


You will have a better time than I did with the flawed Welles title.

I can watch that movie countless times. Have you seen this? If not you could do a double feature. Its fantastic.

Its not Great like the Queen, obviously, but a good film.


Interesting. I recall reading about it. And I might have actually seen it. I sort of remember it. Stuff about hunting taking too much time from filming? I will have to watch it. Again or for the first time. :)


Yup. And obsession, creative and otherwise.


Sounds very familiar. Thing is, I thought I might be remembering the making of African Queen. An article or something. My mind is, muddled, sometime. I will watch again.

I like Eastwood before he went insane. :)


Don’t we all when we approach 100?


I was going to say, I’ll tell you in 40 years. But who am I kidding? I’ll get back to you in a year or so. :)


Just watched it a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed the movie aside from Humphrey Bogart not being a very convincing Canadian. Apparently, he’s supposed to be Canadian because he was even less convincing as a Cockney.


What would have made him a convincing Canadian? Or how was he not “Canadian enough”? This isn’t the CBC, right? Do we need “CanCon” in he African Queen ?:)

I hereby tag @marquac as well on this question.


“Good day, eh? So, uh, I have this boat that should probably take us up the river where you want to go, eh? Soary it isn’t in really good shape. But you can have this complimentary toque!”


“I brewed up some Tim Horton’s on the steam engine. Want some back bacon?”


Oh it’s just an opening for others to post hoser jokes.


Mr. Allnutt as originally envisioned by John Huston, before Bogart expressed interest in the role.