What "Grandpa Movie" did you just watch?


Army of Shadows ended up sucking up my Film time. Also, I was distracted by the BSG binge (which I put on hold) and me reading the Red Dwarf thread, and realizing I had it on Britbox. But I hope to get to it and The Professionals this week. I just saw Mudd’s Women as well…and am unenthused (?) (it will not get a magilla write up)…but I don’t wanna rain on parades too hard in the TOS thread.


Do you happen to remember the seller’s handle (just to avoid any BS and get it right the first time)?


I’m really pleased that you watched this (speaking of shaving scenes). It’s a movie I dragged my feet about watching a few years ago. I think I ended up watching it because of the old Qt3 Movie Club we used to run, or because a listener kept picking it for the fundraising drive movie. I can’t remember.

I especially like what you say about certain scenes feeling matter-of-fact. So I’m interested to hear what you have to say further once you’ve digested it some more.


The "War Films" Thread

It wasn’t somebody who owned a lot or anything; she was just selling one used copy she had. Her handle was mollycookman, though.


Inspired by Mark Kermode’s heist genre survey. Great stuff, remarkable both for its long, dialogue-free heist sequence, and for the fact that it happens so early. A good half of the film is the inevitable comeuppance. Reservoir Dogs is the last film I can remember (other than Good Time, I suppose, but it’s not really a heist film) so focused on the aftermath rather than the setup.


Very Noir? Naked City-level? I may do it this this weekend. I have Wind and the Lion to do as well.


It’s clearly influenced by noir (and American cinema of the 40s in general, like so much of 50s/60s French cinema), but I don’t know if I’d call it noir itself.


Now I am intrigued as he is a Noir-master…interesting.


Ah, finally one I’ve seen! I picked up a Criterion edition of Rififi a long time ago, I really liked that movie. French heist movies are awesome. You can almost smell the cigarettes.


Filmstruck doesn’t have it, but I was so intrigued I ordered the Blu-Ray. It shall be viewed next weekend.


Finally got round to watching Suspiria, can’t say I enjoyed it all that much as a horror film, thought the interior design was pretty spectacular. It definitely had that German expressionism thing going on, but not to particularly interesting effect. It just felt lurid for lurid’s sake. And not remotely scary.


Just ran across this while catching up on this thread (I’d been skimming it before, but now I’m reading every post). Beautiful story. I love it when people here post things that are so personal.


So tonight I am doing a late movie of:

On FilmStruck, because of @ChristienMurawski

P.S. Barbara Streisand is delightful!

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

“That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.”


Thanks, man. Papa was the man, faults and all. I still get all misty eyed when I see movies he loved.


Speaking of 70s Horror, have you seen Images? That Altman film slipped under my radar all these years, and I saw it about a month ago. It was outstanding. Surreal haunting. Gorgeous cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond. Susannah York and Rene Auberjonois.


Hadn’t even heard of it, which surprises me as I’ve seen pretty much every other Altman.


Yeah, I had no idea how it snuck up on me either. It was like finding whole new box of ice cream when you thought there was no more in the freezer. “An Altman! Hell yeah!” :)

Free to stream if an Amazon Prime Member in the US.


Same here, I thought I knew all of his work.


Nice recommendation, now added to my watchlist!


Thanks, Skip.

Watching this tonight, a Preminger from '65 that I have never seen: