What Happened to Monday - Rapace, Dafoe, Netlfix


Directed by Tommy Wirkola.

August 18th


That looks…harsh.


That looks really cool.


At first I confused that name with Tommy Wiseau, director of The Room. Happily, Wirkola is the director of Dead Snow, the best Nazi zombie movie.


Wow, I do not envy Noomi Rapace having to live up to the inevitable comparisons to Tatiana Maslany’s performance in Orphan Black.

But wow, I hope Rapace brings it and has the chops to even surpass Maslany. But wow, that’s hard to imagine.


Watch this, its pretty cool. Has good production values and ALOT more action than i thought. This is probably better than that new Blade Runner coming out. That blade runner movie looks so stupid, except maybe Batista looks cool thats about it. Hope Batista beats the crap out of Gosling and crappy Joker singer from 30 seconds to mars.

Monday good movie. go watch it.


Rapace doesn’t even come close to approaching Maslany’s multiple performances. Her performance (singular is intentional) is one of many reasons why this movie is barely worth watching. The only reason to watch this is the film’s zany insistence that a government would go to these extreme measures to stop the populace from learning about adult sextuplets.


Dystopias gonna dystope.



I’ve been watching this past few days. And I like it so far. Especially the little girl’s performance as the Septuplets.

I’m usually too tired to watch more than 10 minutes or so these days, so that’s why it’s taking me a while.


I stopped watching when I realized it was a heavy handed Philip K Dick story treatment. What a dumb premise. Like millions of people are going to give up their children because of some law that was passed? They have a scene where the government is hauling away a little girl while the crowd looks apalled.

Anti-abortion propaganda much?