What happens to families who are denied abortions?

NYT: What happens to families who are denied abortions?

With a team of Czech colleagues, David enrolled 220 of the women who were twice denied the abortion they sought and 220 women who never pursued an abortion. For the next 35 years, he followed their children, making regular inquiries and comparisons between the two groups.

The first results examined the children at age 9. David reported that the children born of unwanted pregnancies had significant disadvantages. They were breast-fed for shorter periods; were slightly but consistently overweight; had more instances of acute illness and lower grades in Czech. They seemed less capable in socially demanding situations; they were less popular among peers and teachers and even, if sons, with their own mothers. David concluded that “the child of a woman denied abortion appears to be born into a potentially handicapping situation.”

In the course of interviewing the mothers about their children, David’s research suggested that whether the mother wanted the child was a significant predictor of the child’s future negative qualities, independent of the effect of the mother’s personality.

Anti-abortion crowd’s interest in this only up until birth. This article is an overview, based on scientific studies, of what happens after birth to unwanted children.

I think anti-abortion crowd has to also advocate and facilitate adoptions, otherwise they are hypocritical in their “think of the children” outlook.

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