What happens when actual writers pick the best videogame writing in 2011

Title What happens when actual writers pick the best videogame writing in 2011
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When January 12, 2012

Hey, look, the Writers Guild of America has selected its annual nominations for best writing in a videogame! In the category of video game writing, the teams behind Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Batman: Arkham City, Brink, Mortal Kombat, The Elder Scrolls V: Sk

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I hope to God it's Brink. What writing?

I guessed and got it right!

I was going to guess Brink or Mortal Kombat but those seem like weird games to randomly throw in there. I ended up guessing correctly though :) So where are the donuts!

I don't really see any writing worth mentioning up there, aside from maybe Arkham City. Skyrim was all about using clich├ęs to allow for quantity (I'm guessing the Writers Guild has ties to the Thieves and Fighters guilds) Assassins Creed was even worse than a Dan Brown novel, and I've forced myself to forget about the Brink that never was. I guess Uncharted 3 might be good, but only becuase I haven't actually been exposed to it.

Did Portal 2 get the award already, or has it just been left out to keep Wolpaw and Faliszek's egos in check?

Personally I think "X WINS, FATALITY" is one of the greatest lines ever from a videogame.

You were right, I did get it wrong. Those are some really weak nominees.

What a mostly terrible list

Ha Ha Ha! Sweet! I bet on a horse and I was right to pick it.
Oh, this so makes me feel good in a "what a self-justified ass of an hater you are" kind of way.

Speaking of devils, time to play some Diablo 1.

Congrats on achieving Foxstab levels of trolling, Tom.

C'mon, there's no way you guys guessed that right! All right, how many donuts did everyone pony up? How many dollars am I in for?

The WGA is like this every year with videogames. It's still a bit new to them, and I'm pretty sure very few games writers are actually WGA members. It's just a guild cheerleading session at this point. It has more to do with WGA membership than actual writing.

Wait, I get dollars? I was really hoping for donuts. Sweet, sweet donuts. (Even without playing any of the games it was an easy guess.)

That's funny. I'm pushing for Skyrim ALL THE WAY! WOOT!

Seriously though, have you played the Mortal Kombat story, it's so good.

Wait.... Brink?

Brink didn't even HAVE writing! These people clearly don't play the games they nominate. What a joke.

That was too easy. Which game actually had a real story, so you got to pick that one.

It is kinda of like figuring out who the Nobel committee is going to give a Peace Prize the organization that has been doing humanitarian work, or some despot or promising President.

I want to scream at that list. Uncharted 3? What?!?!

So what games should have been there instead? The only one I can think of is Portal 2. I'm sure if you asked hardcore gamers, you'd get an even worst list: "I went with DOTA because learning to master an RPG mod is just like learning a language." "I went with whatever Bioware put out because clearly we need to get more of this same story applied to different templates that they've been telling since 2002." "I picked Skyward Sword because I have wanted to have sex with Princess Zelda since I was 13."

Sequence, though it's obviously too obscure to be a blip on their radar.