What has less latency, air or wire?

Just be aware that Powerline is not guaranteed to work across phases. Two phases come to your house from the utility pole. Roughly half of the breakers in your panel are on one phase and half are on the other. (Modern wiring has them alternate.) Powerline may be able to cross phases, but is not guaranteed to and in any case performance will suffer. Powerline works very similarly to WiFi, just using the power cabling as a medium instead of air. But it’s also usually a much less busy environment than the air.

There is a more advanced form of power line called MOCA. It’s basically power line, but it uses the cable TV wiring in your house. It’s gigabit speed.

Oh yeah. That is what I might have meant. The old powerline (using the houses built-in wiring) is slower.

MoCA is the way.

I didn’t know you were talking about USB or HDMI either. They BOTH have very short distance limitations. Are you trying to connect a TV from across your house? Or something TO a TV?

Yes. Connecting my TV in the living room to my computer in my office. Right now I have 1 fiber HDMI cable for the video (straight from computer to tv), and a USB with a repeater which ends in a 7-port hub. My mouse taps out every so often and is laggy.

That’s about a 2016 router from what I could determine. The catch is what your client devices can support. Newer phones and laptops now support WiF 6 and some even the upgraded WiFi 6E. Those would both net you better speed/throughput but only with a new router and your devices support it that need that extra speed.

When in doubt I’ve recommended this site for others here before:

And once there lean on the WiFi router ranker or WiFi Mesh ranker, whichever you need for your house.

For the HDMI if the lag isn’t horrible just use the cable. But if not, you can leverage ethernet cable and greater distance using HDBaseT, which can be as cheap as these:

For the USB, the longer you get the worse that lag will be, and you start to affect the power supplied over USB as well and it might just not work at all. But similar solutions to the HDMI extender would be a KVM extender or USB extender, made for use over, again, ethernet cable as the extention, then a breakout to USB on the other side.

I’m a little lost here though, you want to control a TV in a different room from your bedroom? I’m assuming because you can only stream whatever that is directly from the bedroom? Also I’m assuming TV shows and movies, you aren’t trying to play a game from your PC into another room, right?

Just a quick heads up, Skipper, that Tim Higgins – the man behind SmallNetBuilder (and before that PracticallyNetworked) has moved on, so the content at SmallNetBuilder may not be of the same caliber as it was before. I don’t know anything about who is generating that content now, so it may well be that they are as good as Tim was (i.e. the best).

I’m trying to play PC games in my living room, but my computer is in my office 50 ft away :)

Steamlink with a wired ethernet connection might be your best bet. I’ve had middling success with it. I will say that Sony has it figured out. I’ve been able to use my old PS4 to remote games from my PS5 with no issues.

Oh no!! I didn’t know that. That’s very sad news. Is he okay or just moved to a new site or do you know?

I was going to say, there has to be a better way than an HDMI and USB extension. I hope they still make Steamlinks?

Nvidia shield still supports steamlink. I have the cheap version. It’s not great. It crashes while watching TV…Nvidia added some annoying software update and it made everything lag.

I believe Valve quit making the hardware ages ago but the software still exists for a number of platforms. Works great on my iPad for example.

@Skipper While I’ve never met him, I did send him a message a while back thanking him for all his work over the years. He wrote back; apparently he’s moved on to a automated testing role working for clients, rather than doing public facing testing. He was also super-gracious and kind (not surprising given his tone on the various sites he’s been on for years). He will definitely be missed.

I’m glad to hear he is at least okay. That’s a big loss for the masses, his thoroughness and dedication to getting things tested and reviewed really put a lot of great information out there for those seeking it out.

The way you explained where he is now makes me think he landed either directly at a hardware vendor, or a third party who does testing for them. We all have to seek out a way to get by, I wish him well in whatever he’s up to now.

Isn’t Steamlink limited to 1080P? I run 4k on my TV. Anything else looks too smudgy.

I think you’re gonna be stuck with tradeoffs. The cabling protocols aren’t designed to cover that distance with low latency. If you want 4k with and can’t live with the latency you’ve got, you’ll probably just have to move the computer.

He complains of latency, and you people want to add the encoding and decoding time of something like Moonlight or Steam link? Not sure if that’s the best option…

Have you tried to corroborate your feel?
Try this Human Benchmark , do it 10 times to have an average. Do it both at your office and in your living room.

Is there a difference?

Of course, have you checked the settings of your tv? is on game mode? Is it a modern tv? Old ones had more latency.