What have you eaten that you really shouldn't?

Example: I have Type 2 diabetes and I’m overweight. I’m usually very good about food. But tonight I’m having a butterscotch milkshake and cherry pie for dinner. Then a load of pills. But I LOVE butterscotch milkshakes. And, of course, cherry pie.

Sometimes you gotta say fuck it.

Yesterday I bought a case of diet cola, despite the fact that it makes me really crave real sugar, and has caused me to gain weight in the past. I have diabetes too.

Just tonight, I had Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesar’s. It’s the only thing I like from that joint, but has no redeeming qualities, other than it tastes fantastic.

I have a type of reflux called LPR, or “Silent Reflux”. I almost never have heartburn or any of the other symptoms commonly associated with reflux/GERD, but the most common symptoms of LPR I have include a chronic cough and occasional difficulty breathing. I mostly manage it with diet, and I still occasionally discover a new “trigger” food that I didn’t know I had before.

The worst thing I’ve had to mostly give up was coffee. I routinely drank 3 or 4 cups every morning (but never any past noontime) but it turned out that coffee is a major trigger for me.

So now I have only an occasional cup of coffee, and in general, once in a while doesn’t seem to give me any problems… but honestly it would be better for me if I never had it at all. But I don’t think life’s worth living if I can’t have an occasional cup of coffee. ;)

I thought this was a thread about gross things you ate and realised you shouldn’t have! Here’s mine!

We got home from a few weeks away, and I boiled the kettle and made some coffee. Mmmm, coffee! Except, it tasted a bit funny. But hey, let’s keep going, I really need coffee. About halfway through the cup, something got stuck between my teeth. I pulled it out, and it was a very large spider leg. I looked into the coffee and saw a large, adult huntsman spider bobbing around at the surface. I’d boiled the poor thing, tipped it into my coffee, and was savoring its nutty flavor. Actually it wasn’t bad until you get to the actual spider.

This seems very characteristically krazykrok, somehow.

So glad I already had my coffee (even though the chances of getting a huntsman in mine here in the Netherlands are rather slim :-).

I distinctly remember the huntsman (with about two hundred little babies) though, that was sitting on the bedroom wall when I was staying in Townsville, about 20 years ago. Just the idea of having that in your coffee makes my hair stand on edge!

Debating whether I should even google that image.

I checked google to see whether it was safe for you to google.

I’m going with no.

Mine is a recent two-hit combo.
I am subject to ulcerative colitis. I have had one of my worst bout a couple of months ago, which probably started because I had a whole plate of green lettuce salad a friend had prepared, and I couldn’t turn it down, because while I know it’s a definitive “no-no” and will lead to very bad things, green lettuce is one of my favourite crudités and I meet with that friend so rarely.
When the apocalyptic flare calmed down, a couple weeks later, I decided to “test” if it was really over by having a chicken curry at one of my favourite restaurants.
The flare wasn’t over yet, I discovered…

This thread is really about our stupidity isn’t it?

All the best ones are!

One clue - Australia is literally in the definition for Arachnophobia. Another clue is when he mentioned the spider actually flavoring the tea, which implies a certain size.

Your second clue I got, which is what gave me my initial hesitation. The first clue I did not know.
Now my gf is insisting that I look it up.
I am maintaining my wimpiness in front of her, passing it off as a practical matter: “We have no real need to know what a Huntsman spider looks like.”
Her: “What if we’re ever in Australia, and–”
Me: “We’re going to Australia?!?”

Thanks. I had largely overcome my arachnophobia but now I find it roaring back after learning about the Social Huntsman breed.

@krayzkrok FYI, in that article there is no mention of making spider tea. You should write your own article.

Krayzkrok’s brown soylent would likely eat at the market share of the green variety.

Well it was actually spider coffee, so it was coffee with a hint of huntsman. I haven’t tried spider tea yet, but it might work even better because you can put the spiders in teabags. That way there’s no risk of getting legs, fangs or hairy bits stuck between your teeth. But you’d need several spiders to get the tea strong enough I suspect, and obviously a pretty large teabag to fit them all into. Using live spiders would be best for the freshest flavor of course, athough the rustling sound from the bags on the shelves might be a marketing issue. Also, I can foresee some incidents from people accidentally ripping the teabag in their enthusiasm to open the product, but as long as you can brush such incidents under the table (or behind a wall clock) I’m sure it would be fine.

Also, you know, the teabags being the size of dinner plates could present a packaging and general use issue.

If you remove the legs it will probably fit into a much smaller package.