What have you played in the weekend?

I’ve actually decided to keep playing through the entirety of the campaign. Do you recall which “side” you have to join in order to get to New Vegas?

I didn’t even remember the game had sides to join. It’s been a while.

Wait, we’re talking New Vegas? Lots of sides but I don’t think you even choose which to support until well after you get to Vegas.

I’m just saying I just had to choose sides in the game, so I’m hoping either branch gets to New Vegas.

We’re talking Tachyon: The Fringe.

Your character is voiced by Bruce Campbell, and one of the space ports in the game is called New Vegas. It is a space station that’s completely covered in bright lights. Tachyon came out a decade before Fallout: New Vegas, which is what you’re thinking of, I think.

Also easy to get confused by New Vegas talk. ;)

As for the weekend, I hope to have a decent amount of time for gaming this weekend. For the blog, I’ll be doing a series on:

Plus streaming a bunch of this on Sunday morning (it’s free, you should join me!) ;)

For myself, a whole bunch more time with:

And this, because it just came out and I am DYING to play it:

Should be a good weekend!

Huh, so there’s another game with a New Vegas in it? Never heard of Tachyon.

Ooh, never heard of Deadhold, but it looks Myth-ily appealing. Looking forward to impressions.

As for me, I’ll probably try to knock out NG++ in StarCrawlers.

What is this Stars! thing?

It’s a pretty great space sim, sadly the only one Novalogic ever made.

That’s why I’m getting it. Love/miss Myth so much.

It’s a classic 4X from the nineties, renowned for its depth, lauded for its great PBEM capabilities, but criticized for its lackluster AI.

Wow, never heard of it. Looking forward to your blog series!

Here’s a taste.

Totally looks like Myth/Myth II as you say. Has it been 20 years since Myth? Aaargh, how am I so old.

Agents of Mayhem and Guild Wars 2, most likely. We’ll see.

An unrelated question:
Brian, what does Quantar Paddashi Veloxi mean?
Googling this gives me like a bazillion hits for QT3.

That’s my faction, favorite rank and user name in Jumpgate.

I didn’t even know jumpgate was still around. I did play it a while and as the Quantar too.

It was resurrected a few years ago and is totally free to play. Sadly it’s server population is really low, but hey, it’s there.


my fiancée got a Nintendo Switch and then went away for the weekend. So I guess I’ll have to play some Breath of the Wild.

More Diablo 3. Played briefly on and off over the last few years but it finally hooked me a month ago and can’t stop playing. And some more Shiren The Wanderer on Vita.