What have you played in the weekend?

I’ve got a good thing going playing Starsector while listening to the Star Trek TNG episodes my wife’s watching, but I might continue through my backlog and give Massive Chalice another shot. I only played a handful of hours when I first got it; don’t think I made it much past the first keep defense. I’m still a bit vague on the final battle (I know the general idea but not the mechanics), so there’s still some surprise left.

I also have a Cities Skylines custom map that I could see playing long term. It’s a PNW theme with little enough land to make a nice urban geography puzzle.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to play a bit of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey this weekend. Maybe also Guild Wars 2 a little bit after a loooong while. And maybe something else. We’ll see.

EDIT: ah, Grim Dawn just had a huge update. I think I’ll play that one too if I have the chance!

Already played a bit of Lort of the Rings Online so there’s that. Would also like to get back to Pathfinder: Kingmaker. One of my bands has a gig tonight so gaming will occur this afternoon and tomorrow!

I finally have a bit of a lull, here before the end-of-semester rush, and I’ll be using it to play:


…which I’m enjoying immensely.


Maybe a little Warlords III DLR

That’s a very nice 4:3 ratio screenshot of Warlords 3 where things don’t look stretched. Did you take that yourself because you got the game working in 4:3?

Launch the DirectX configurator in the game’s directory, set it to “do not stretch” and save. Relaunch the game.

No, I posted from my tablet and stole that from a google image search of big boobs Half Life 3 Warlords 3 DLR.

You chose a great screen for Planetfall too. That’s the first time I’ve wanted to check out that game on Gamepass. Normally this is the image I see for Planetfall, and it doesn’t inspire:


Maybe a little The Outer Wilds (meaning Outer Worlds) later today.

Definitely Dragon Quest XI on my new Switch Lite or Crypt of the Necrodancer witch was on sale at the Nintendo store for I think $4 earlier this week. Haven’t played that one before.

I’m Poke Balls deep into Pokemon Shield. Stop judging me.

Dude, I played probably 200 hours or more of Pokemon Go.

I ain’t judging shit.

Tambien. :)

To add to this insanity, I just ordered Sword and Let’s Go Pikachu tonight too. I can’t stop catching. Send help.

Holy shit. I’ve bought Breath off the Wild twice but didn’t get to starting it until now. First five hours are engrossing.

How did you buy it twice?

It is excellent - one of those once in a generation games. I may play it again!

I bought it on the Wii then the Switch and finally played it through to completion in Dolphin. Took 3 tries to get into, but man was it ever worth the struggle.

Wii U then Switch. Reminds me of Terranigma.

I picked up Railroad Corporation, and I’ve played one and a half campaign missions. I like it a lot so far. It feels pretty clean, and I like the way it focuses on building supply networks.

LOTRO. It’s like slipping on a comfortable old pair of socks. I usually run hunter, because I am low effort in MMOs, running champ now because I’m low effort in MMOs.

Borderlands 3 for my Skinnerbox needs.

Rick and Morty in the background.