What have you played in the weekend?

Here’s my Weekend Gaming Update:

Gunfire Reborn (Steam)

Here’s a Roguelike first-person shooter. We’ll be talking about it here:

I’m downloading my copy as I type this and plan to play off and on throughout the weekend. Since it’s currently 20% off maybe soon you’ll download your own copy.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch)

If you had asked me last Friday what I’d be playing this weekend, I would not have pointed at this game. But things change and I’m back to playing this game. I guess more accurately, one could say I never actually stopped playing this game. Since last weekend I’ve finished the main story twice through, and each time with a new set of heroes. I currently have 8 characters between level 40 and 55, and will be running another crew through this weekend. Once I get a feel for the heroes I enjoy the most, I’ll take the best four and start pushing through the campaign on Superior difficulty.

I’ve also been doing tons of rifts, and I expect to do tons more.