What have you played in the weekend?

Been awhile since this thread was active.

Gotta set some goals in advance or I just won’t get around to playing anything, so for this weekend I want to play the new Endzone AWP Prosperity dlc and probably some more Back4Blood.

True! I forgot about it. Too bad, it was fun.

Not sure how much gaming time I’ll have this weekend, but it should be pretty much all MMOs (Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and maybe - just maybe - the FF XIV free trial).

In what very limited time I can scrape together, I’ll be playing The Riftbreaker and trying to better organize my base and defenses.

Won’t play anything this weekend as I have visitors. But over the last week or two I’ve made a ton of progress in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which I must be pretty close to finishing. Excellent platformer.

I’ve been dividing my time between Diablo 2 Resurrected, The Artful Escape, Super Mario Odyssey, and as always Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I will try to get into Disciples: Liberation. So far nothing really grabs me much. This might have to do with my peculiar love for King’s Bounty 2 which is the best King’s Bounty to me since HoMM3. Oh, how I loved my Red Dragon or my ever so powerful Stone Elementals. And their animations. Maybe there’s some of the unit recruitment magic in Disciples too…

Riftbreaker and Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning are also waiting for closer examination. There should be a good gaming times ahead.

Well this weekend? Not sure. Last weekend was Metroid Dread, same as the weekend before. And last week. And this week.

So good I chained 3 playthroughs in a row. I probably set it aside this weekend, finally, but man what an experience that was.

I’m heavily addicted to the wonderfully old school Dungeon Encounters.
I also just got myself the medieval base pack of Field of Glory 2, a game which I intent to never play in multiplayer because I want to play with people as inept as me.
Ah yes, forgot to mention that I’m waiting on the Beast Breaker Switch update being validated, as I have been facing silly crashes in the last area for a while now :O

I have free time this weekend for a change, yay!

I was considering playing Sakuna of Rice and Ruin, but I’m beginning to realize the game is 1/5th rice farming (yay) and 4/5ths boring, repetitive, poorly controlling side-scrolling combat grind (boo!).

Other options to start (oh my backlog!)
Iratus Lord of the dead
Outer Wilds
Far Cry New Dawn
Disco Elysium

What should I play next QT3?

I may buy Wildermyth and give that a try.

Or, figure out why my snowblower won’t start and take apart the carburetor.

Those two games are both brilliant. Play Outer Wilds if you want to ponder and wonder and maybe get a little stuck, play Disco Elysium if you are in the mood for being a sorry, centrist cop.

Both games are my absolute two highlights from the last few years.

I was supposed to continue my Dark Souls 2 playthrough, I’m afraid I’m setting myself up for burnout after being thoroughly blown away by Dark Souls 1 a few months back (first From game I’ve tried). After finishing that, I got right into Bloodborne, which I also loved. Now, getting into DS2 was kinda rough, mostly because of how different BB was to play, also the game is a tad harder than DS1. I’ts opened up now, and there’s lots for me to explore, so I’ll get some more hours done this weekend surely. What I ended up playing tonight was Hades - after convincing myself I was done with it I got lured in by a friend who just started playing and being all enthusiastic about it. It sure is good! Not sure I am as into the story as many seem to be - but I’ve now reached the last boss, and I really want to complete it.

Don’t make excuses for why you’re not enjoying Dark Souls 2. Blame the game! It’s not as good as the others you played.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t finish. Just saying trust your instincts and search your feelings. It’s not as good.

Ask and ye shall receive! (Honestly, when you posted this, I was sweating over whether it would even make it out before the end of the weekend. Then an hour later, DING! Happy Nintendo message!)

I’ve finally been playing Imagine Earth, and kinda like it? I’m enjoying the basics of what the game does, but it has some flaws preventing me from really liking it. The biggest is that I find the map difficult to read. The next is that it’s got a bunch of techs, but nothing to really motivate me to care about my selections beyond - “well, I’m using natural gas for my main power source so I might as well research an upgrade for that”.

I’ve also played a ton of Gemcraft Frostborn Wrath, which is definitely not one of my favorite tower defense games. I’m nearing the end but I definitely burned out on it.

Dabbled in The Riftbreaker, but I don’t think it is for me, but there is something about it that wants me to collect more resources. I’m very bad at it. I made it through the prologue easily enough but the first map is starting to beat me down. I think I made a beeline to the objectives too quickly.

I’m really killing time waiting for my new PC to come and then I want to play something that will look great on the GTX 3080. It should come within a couple weeks. I’ll probably look for some suggestions for games to wow my eyeballs.

Not out yet in Europe, but will keep checking out!

I have played Monster Train and…Candy Crush.

Why am I navigating towards much quicker and simpler games?

Been mostly playing The Riftbreaker the past week. What a great game! It’s pretty much the perfect Factorio / Xmorph hybrid I never knew I wanted.

In terms of other stuff I also picked up Tsukihime A piece of blue glass moon (the Tsukihime remake) for the Switch few weeks back and am about 70% complete there. I’ve missed playing (reading?) a good story based visual novel and this game delivers. For those who played the original they expanded Aluceid’s route and completely redid Ciel’s so it feels very fresh. All the other routes are apparently going to split into its own game that will be sold next year though, so that’s a bit of a bummer but plenty of content in blue glass moon.

Disciples: Liberation mostly, which I’m enjoying very much, nice to get back into the HOMM-like mode of exploring, building and fighting. Also, Nuclear Blaze which is a fantastic little 2d firefighting / exploration game.

You should go play Melty Blood: Type Lumina afterwards, I suppose. ;)

haha, I’m familiar with the series but never really got into it. I don’t think I’m missing much storywise either way though :)