What have you played in the weekend?

So far all I’ve played this weekend is the latest build for Star Fleet II. It has a new probes operation feature that allows for probes to explore systems and expand planets, and it’s a real game changer in the exploration phase of a mission. Before this upgrade, all probes would do is passively tell you some planets exist and that there MIGHT be enemy activity. Now they can seek out enemies themselves. It’s amazing.

I also need to try out the new Nova Bomb, which will make a sun go supernova, just haven’t found the right system - one with multiple enemy planets - to test it with yet.

God I love this fucking game.

It’s because I didn’t call my thread “Disciples: Liberation, all good Kings go to Bounty” or something right?

I think you’re both right, I just wanted to “check out” Bloodborne, since it was included in the “PS Classics” or something that you get access to with PSplus, but woof, that thing sucked me right in. That hunters axe was such a joy to use. Looking forward to doing this one again sometime - something I never do. I’ll go with another weapon (both the other starter weapons seem really cool) and also I totally missed a big chunk of the game (Cairnhurst?) so next time I’ll bring a guide and probably buy the DLC <3.

As for this weekend I totally played more Hades today - I’m consistently getting to the last boss if I choose the fist weapon, but I’ve yet to beat him. My hands are tired from the mashing of dash-attack, but the game really sucked me in this time around on the Xbox, as compared to when I played it on Switch.

The good thing is DS3 is closer to BB speed wise. The game is quicker with some BB inspiration.

DS3 is in the pipeline for sure! I just feel like I want to finish DS2 first. This must be how people who finish games feel like all the time (I’m usually never compelled to finish games, and most get put down long before I’m at the end) And perhaps I should play Demons Souls before DS3?

Ha ha! I just noticed the thread today:)

The DLC for DS2 are good with some interesting and very good bosses. Each also presents you with some interesting locations.

Only if you’ve got a PS5 and can play the remake.

Ha ha ha, good one Matt XD

Yep, that’s what I played BB on and now playing DS2. I’ve basically only played old games on it so far aside from a few minutes of astros playthings - skipped PS4 so getting BB “for free” was a treat!

Killing Soras left and right in Smash Bros
Beating my head against Nioh 2
Modded Minecraft
Halo Collection
NES Metroid

I have been playing DS3. I have like 860 hours in it now.

I think tomorrow or Monday I will return to Bioshock 3. I have never played the DLC.

Still working my way through Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Got past that silly gunfight in ME:A and played on for a few hours. Enjoying it quite a bit.

Also, to change things up, I started playing Old World again after not playing for many months. I started over after a few hours this morning that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. On this second game I feel like I’m moving along nicely. No wars or even battle yet. I’m in a large (4 cities) area that is isolated by mountains and ocean with two paths thru the mountains. Super defensible, but at some point I’m going to have to head out into the big bad world to expand.

Control and some Ghost of Tsushima for me, the former on my PC to enjoy my new graphics card’s RTX pretties.

So far, as I expected, just a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Online (Trial) with little bits of Guild Wars 2 here and there. I guess I’m going through an MMO phase now. ;)

Got back to Dragon Quest XI on the Switch this week, forgot where I left off so I just started a new game. Also, have owned Hollow Knight for some time and finally got around to playing it this weekend. Like what I’ve played so far; beautiful looking game.

Got a tablet recently for note-taking, web-surfing and some drawing and ended up putting a bunch of games on it to see how they played: messed around this weekend with Baldur’s Gate, Titan Quest, and Battle Chasers. BG and Battle Chasers play really well. Titan Quest is not bad, but there are some control issues.

It’s the nicest game to jump back in! There is even a summary of what you had been doing, and what you are supposed to do when you load your game!

Yeah, I really appreciate those summaries, but they don’t always tell you EXACTLY all you’ve done or need to do.

Or do they? Maybe. In any case, I enjoy the game more when I can REMEMBER exactly what I had done and was about to do. It’s more about getting into the “feel” of the game and story again. I

'm the same with movies. I read about people watching half of a movie one night, and the other half the next for whatever reason - I can’t do that. Need to start it over from the beginning to get in the mood.

I… am one of those persons, precisely because I can’t watch a whole movie in a sitting. In fact, I’ve got that Breaking Bad feature’s last 30 minutes waiting for me since 2019 xmas! I should go watch it.