What have you played in the weekend?

Agree with renaming the thread to “Hey Qt3, whatcha playin’?” or equivalent.

Anyway, for me it’s mostly been Elden Ring. I had taken a break a month or two ago (around level 70, in Altus Plateau), so I could savor it rather than risking burning out. The break worked perfectly, as it feels fresh again and I’m having a great time! Also things got way easier after I respecced to a strength build.

Also just finished up Radiant Historia, which I picked back up after a much longer hiatus. I had gotten about 10 hours in on 3DS when it first came out, but it fell by the wayside until I transferred the save to my phone. It reputation is well-deserved – a very pleasant throwback RPG of a type I’ve mostly drifted away from, but with enough novelty going on in terms of its story (time/causality stuff) and battle system (manipulation of position and turn order) to keep it engaging.

Is that the RPG with a big in-game sort of encyclopedia book menu, and features search for archeological sites around the world?
^ that game is one I meant to play for a dozen of years, but I have had two DS JRPGs with somewhat similar names mixed up.

Edit: After much delving, I found the game I was thinking about and been mixing Radiant Historia with: Nostalgeo no Kaze/Nostalgia. If only I knew where I put all my DS games!

I been riding around in Red Dead Redemption 2 on the xxXboXxx and flying a Huey over Guam on the PC, in VR, while rocking surfer dude music on 127.6 and the door gunners go ratatat! get some!

I fell in love with Eiyuden Chronicle this week. I finished the main story and then 100%-ed it within 7 days. It’s very much “baby’s first JRPG” which made it perfect for me. It was “fun” and kind of mindless—I could just play without stressing. A perfect Game Pass game!

Back into EDF 5 and Generation Zero. Gen Zero got a big update recently which among other things allows respeccing and removed the level cap.

I love EDF 5, and got addicted back to it a few weeks ago, but had to stop being of the pain to the trigger fingers!

Trying to play Squad, which I picked up in the Steam Summer Sale, but the servers that have sub-100 pings are usually full, or when I get a slot, the squad leader is afk standing in the motor pool while the rest of the squad is scattered over all creation. Sigh.

Final Fantasy XIV had a free login campaign, as well as recently adding local servers, which prompted me to sub for another month. And of course start a new character on a new world… :)

I was also playing some Phoenix Point, and Conquest of Elysium 5.

Need a palate cleanser from Elden Ring for a while (after getting to level 70, I’ll be back but just need a break).

Any suggestions?

Resident Evil Revelations 2.
less than a dollar for the episode 1 (which is plenty of content already) on Steam to know if it’s your thing. Funny monsters, great sound effects and gunplay, overall silliness! It’s good.

Played a bit of Cuphead with my kid, and a bit of Gordian Quest for myself yesterday. Will play some FF XIV today, probably.

As anyone who visited its thread knows, Enderal has been occupying my weekends including this one for the past month. 120 hours and still going strong and still not bored :)

Successfully ended the world. Interesting game, but still in early access.

Reminds me of That Which Sleeps.

I’ve gotten back into Control. I’ll finish it one day.

It’s a pretty short game, you can do it!

Giving Elden Ring another break - at over 140 hours, it’s the most played game I’ve played since Skyrim.

Started playing Resident Evil 2 again since it was recently upgraded for Xbox and started a new game since I had no idea where I left off. I love this remake, but I have to be in a certain mood to play it since it makes me tense. I said tense not scared. No, I’m not scared!!! I’m not!

Also started playing AC: Origins, again because of the X/S upgrade. 60 FPS does so much for these AC games what with all the climbing and running one does. I can play these longer now without motion sickness. Really can’t wait for them to upgrade Black Flag so I can give it a go, or Syndicate so I can go back to it and finish it.

Played a little bit of Technomancer which I picked up long ago. Some cool gameplay stuff and it looks pretty good, but man does combat movement feel so clunky. Kind of feels like a first gen Playstation title in that respect. Not sure I want to keep playing. Same issue with Greedfall. If this developer could improve this alone, they’d probably have a hit since everything else is not bad (though I guess Greedfall sold well if it has a sequel coming up).

It was made by a disappointed fan of that project, apparently!

Haha, I’m so hoping there is a thread on some forum somewhere with someone saying to that dude “if you’re not happy about the game, make your own!”.

Honestly, I thought that might be the case…