What have you played in the weekend?

Everquest and ARK:Survival Evolved with maybe a little Sorcerer King sprinkled in.

Probably what I’m playing right now: Albion. Although the old-schoolness of it wearies me after a while and I have to take a break to do something else.

Oh, last time I played Albion the 3D graphics made me seasick for like a week. Anyway, I’ll be playing Victor Vran (RPG) and trying to get my head around that Trebuchet puzzle game thing that appeared on Steam recently (looks like playing checkers with marbles).

Yeah I like it, the levels are more open, there are side objectives and things to collect now. The AI is about as dumb as in Sniper Elite 2. Which is fine by me, I just want some sweet x-ray cam death.

It can be daunting, so feel free to hit up the thread here if you have any questions!

For me, I’m going to be playing some Ark: Survival Evolved, which is my obsession lately. I’ll also probably play a little Path of Exile, which is one of my friend’s obsessions. Then I’ll probably throw in a little Warframe to check out U17 and the new movement/parkour system.

Arkham Knight. Because I hit the point in the story that makes me need to beat the ever-living shit out of Scarecrow.

Witcher 3. Always Witcher 3. And DiRT: Rally. Always DiRT: Rally. And sometime Path of Exile. Two dead hardcore characters in the last week put a little damper on that though.

Witcher 3 is amazing, but I do wish I remembered to save more often.

State of Decay. Between the trashy zombie novels I got from Amazon, SoD and catching up with the Walking dead on Netflix I’d call this my Summer of the Zombie. No idea why. I played the shit out of Zombie Army Trilogy before switching to State of Decay.

I may try some of the other shooters I grabbed in the Groupees bundle earlier this week too. Betrayer and Xotic are pretty high on that list. Hopefully they’re better than Iron Grip.

Definately Ark: Survival Evolved. I’m finally getting a decent stable of dinos in this game.

Well, I’d like to say I’ll be playing Fallout 3. But there are some guides on the STEP forums, like ‘Clear and Present Danger’. And being the OCD guy I am, this means what I’ll be doing is modding Fallout 3. Until it breaks. Then debugging. Then some cursing. Then some fixing. If there is time left, I’ll likely be burned out on FO3 at this point and play MTG:Origins or Path of Exile. Or possibly Gnomoriabecause someone released a ‘Clear UI’ font mod that lets us use sane fonts in-game - and it is awesome.

I think I’m finally going to get to play Europa Universalis IV for the very first time. I’ve been buying up every expansion and piece of DLC for it in the Steam sales and I think now is the time! I actually went back and watched the various developer diaries from the base game through every expansion, so I’m kind of hyped about playing it now. :D

Other than that, maybe some Fallout 3, sort of for the first time too (I put a few hours into it before I quit many years ago).

One of us! One of us!

But seriously, if you have any questions then KevinC and I are usually more than willing and able to answer them over in the EU IV thread. Come say hi!

I’m in the mood for lots of Fantasy 4x tactical goodness, so I’ll be over-dosing on Age of Wonders III.

I’ll probably put in several games of Hearthstone too. I’m trying to find a Warrior deck I enjoy, still working on it.

Marvel Heroes, Skyrim with a bunch of new mods, maybe some Star Wars: KOTOR.

Reloaded Xcom yet again, played for a bit on hardcore, got my half way decent squad going, 2 rounds in a row, all 5 people missed 1 mob, all of them with better than 60% to hit, mob kills 2 people before it dies, un-install. I vow to never install that game again, as this is probably the 4th time I’ve had this happen to me and it drives me nuts.

I’m playing Ep 1 of Life is Strange on the PS4 today. Might get in some Rocket League a bit later.

So - whats up this weekend for everyone? Personally, I’ll be playing some more of the excellent Alienation on the PS4 - what a great combination of Helldivers and Diablo. Other than that, I think its time to continue my Survival Permadeath adventures in Far Cry: Primal, and just maybe a little The Long Dark as a sidedish.

Hopefully push on a bit further in Banner Saga 2.

Diablo III Season 6!

And Soma and Star Ruler 2 and Offworld Trading Company and Battlefield Gothic and, and, and…

Ugh, so much to get through at them moment!

Offworld Trading Company, for sure.

When I can drag myself off Dark Souls 3, I aim to play Offworld Trading Company. Try fit in some more Star Ruler 2 as well.