What have you played in the weekend?

I know, mostly also because of the fact that every retry of the puzzles would never be the same, since you NEVER. EVER. know what direction or even HOW Ezio will react to your “jump” prompt or where he will actually land.
I spent a good 30 minutes on just ONE door that kept shutting, where you have to pull that lever and just basically run underneath it before it falls down. Ezio doesn’t want to run though, he wants to parkour on the wall, jump in the opposite direction, or just hang on the tiniest ledge there is to find, instead of going through the door.
I nearly broke my controller in two on that one.

But yeah, when you finally make it, hear me roar.

Hahaha, oh god, yeah - I remember that! The newer ones are better with controls in that regard, but they don’t have the same kind of timed puzzles, though.

In Syndicate, I threw my controller across the room after trying several times to catch a coach that outran me - it ended up with me running up on top of a lamppost and sitting there, instead of running after the coach, because, apparently that was what Evie wanted to…!

There is a trick to increase it a lot. There is a turtle you can find somewhere, its kind of a boat. If you go off shore a bit, then just attack while on the turtle, it will raise your bravery.

The AC timed sequence that got me was that one in Assassin’s Creed III (the American Revolutionary War one) where you have to chase down the villain along the dock.

Hahaha I remember that coach too. That took a lot of tries.

Can’t wait to hate this as well!

So after playing it for many hours I have defeated the final boss (although I guess in this game there actually isn’t a final boss) in Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. I really enjoyed this game, kind of Skyrim with better combat and an interesting system involving Pawns, who can help you thru the game.

It’s not exactly Dark Souls like but it does have boss fights, some great atmosphere and the DLC is a real step up in difficulty.

I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed it a lot for a little while when I had a PC. It had such a great combat.

I’ll be playing Odysselya. It’s a JRPG released on the SFC in 1993, and I was taught about it yesterday. I played it a bit and it’s such a lovely, unique and strange game. It was supposed to get a translation apparently back in 1994, but that didn’t happen. The wipikedia page says because the translation was found lacking, but I think Nintendo America would never have agreed to publish a game trying to fuse all the world’s religion and paganism in a way Shin Megami Tensei never dared to try!

Also some Muso Orochi. I enjoy knocking out people with my large stick of death.

Ok, I’ll buy it this weekend.

There are kinda 4, actually, I’m curious which one you defeated. I mean, by my count:

The Dragon
The Actual Final Boss of the Main Game
The Daemon
The Daemon’s 2nd Iteration

I finished it by every metric but the last (I got close, but couldn’t quite pull off the last level of post-Daemon Bitterblack Island. I keep meaning to go back and give the whole thing a replay, it’s one of my all time favorite action/RPG things. I keep hoping they’ll make a sequel.

I loooved it. Need to go back and finish it!

Dragons Dogma 2 was among the titles listed in last year’s Capcom leak. Scheduled for a 2022 release. One can hope! This is the only game I’ve quadruple-dipped across various platforms.

The first version of the possessed Arisen, or whatever his problem is.

The game is fun in that you can die, and for my money the hardest enemy was a single non-boss enemy with a really big hammer. But with Pawns and enough healing consumables you really should be able to take down any boss as you progress. Of course I say that for only the part of the game I had played.

Being able to create your own pawn and then bring on others is also a fun mechanic.

I also didn’t fight the Senechal guy as I was afraid that would end the game. It is kind of like Dark Souls in that many of the items in the game aren’t well described in game, and the plot towards the Everfall gets kind of convuluted regarding the DLC. But I would save the DLC for very late in the game.

Anyone play Ashen and if so would you recommend it?

I played it until the first boss. It’s very minimalist, no textures, simple look and feel. I liked it, but I wasn’t taken with it like I am with other Souls-likes, so I stopped playing and never really thought about it again.

Gunfire Reborn and Trials of Fire.

Can’t believe these two gems are going for the price they are. Jump on them!

More Fairy Tale Adventure.

I continue to be amazed that I find such an empty game to be fun. It’s partly nostalgia, but there’s also a great look/feel to the thing, it controls well, and the occasional monotony of travel is broken up by ‘walking slot machines’ (aka monsters who have a nice little loot table of useful objects).

And there are fun little random things. Like the way sleep works. In most RPGs, if you go to sleep at night, you automatically wake up in the morning. In Faery Tale Adventure, your character always sleeps for several hours. Which means it’s pretty easy to let your character’s schedule ‘slip’ and become inadvertently nocturnal. My own life was like that for a number of years.

Although the game isn’t that hard, it is very stingy with breadcrumbs and pretty much expects you will explore locations exhaustively in order to make progress; when you do find important items, half the time you have no idea what they’re even supposed to be used for. It’s probably masochistic of me, but sometimes I miss that old '80s vibe of “this game doesn’t give a shit whether you beat it or not.”

Ashes of the Singularity - completely bounced off it at 1.0, enjoying it a lot at 3.0. Working my way through the campaign, a mission or two each day.

Doom 2016 - I get it about a mission per week, which satiates my FPS desire. Not that it isn’t fun or challenging in its frenetic way - it is. I just can’t take much more of Hell on Mars than that per week.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - I have finally gotten back into this in earnest, which for me means 1-2 story missions per day. I figure I’m about halfway through, after a year and a half (a big gap in the middle was dormant). Beautiful game, engaging characters, not too challenging, but fun - so I guess that means it ticks all the right boxes for an open world shoot 'em up.

Still a bit in Grim Dawn, Shadow Empire, after having had them at the front of the list for weeks and months.

Epic decided to give mr some free candy, Halcyon 6 and I binged on that, hard. Fantastic what a game dev freed from the need to do graphics can do.

I’ve been playing a lot of Total warHammer 2 after winning the wood elves campaign. I think, next up will be undead pirates to try out!
Other than that, lots of Valheim (25 hours…already??!) and lots of Lord of the Rings Online, which is still a most excellent game! I do own a lifetime subscription here, so its pretty easy for me to say.

I finally picked up Dishonored 2 again, and started a new playthrough as Corvo instead of Emily. Even though most people prefer Emily (?) and she IS canon I guess, I prefer the more stealthy approach to Corvo with Blink and Posess.

Just made my way back to the Clockwork Mansion, where I gave up the last time around, let’s see how far I get this time =)