What have you played in the weekend?

As for my gaming weekend: I played a good bit of the Guilty Gear Strive beta on PS4, and as a result preordered the game on PC already. Deluxe edition, too, hoping that the first DLC will have Dizzy or Elphelt. I love the series (even if I suck at it), and there’s a lot to like about this new version, but they had me at “you can assign dash to a gamepad button”. ;)

And late Sunday I decided to go back to a masterpiece called Outer Wilds, which I’ll probably be playing almost exclusively for the next days or weeks. This game’s “feel” is unparalleled. That music that plays before the sun goes nova always gets me to stop and listen. Soooo good.

EDIT: also played a lot of Gunfire Reborn, and it’s lots of fun. And Nioh 2, of course. My brain isn’t working right, apparently.

Imperator: Rome took up the majority of my gaming time. I have trouble getting into Paradox games, but the 2.0 Marius update really clicked for me. I’m currently about 10 hours into a Rome playthrough.

DiRT 4 weirdly took up all my gaming time this weekend. I am kind of falling in love with it, even though I didn’t like it that much at launch. For some reason after countless hours in DiRT Rally 2.0 doing the same courses over and over, doing the dynamically generated new courses in DiRT 4 really hits the spot. I am also catching up on the WTF Podcast, so I have the sound on the game turned way down to almost nothing so I can mostly just listen to the podcast while playing. It works surprisingly well even without being able to hear the turn callouts because the little color-coded symbols that pop up before turns are actually less confusing than hearing instructions barked at me.

Still playing The Faery Tale Adventure, and I have the pencil-drawn map of “Hemsath’s Tomb” to prove it…

Love that game. I’ve mostly been playing Nioh 2, it’s really good but I am so bad at it. I am guessing it will be the only game I play for the next few months.

Oh man Faery Tale Adventure is one of those games that looms large in my mind despite hardly ever playing it, as it was one of those over the weekend rentals that stuck with me. I always wanted a modern version of it. So many unique ideas for my kid brain - only three lives, each was a different brother with slightly different stats, day/night cycle, seamless world (not Zelda-like placemat levels) ect.

It was basically the killer app/first title for the Amiga 500 my family bought back in '87. It looms very large in my memories despite my not having played it too much at the time. I’m trying for an honest win, but it’s proving difficult just because the game is very stingy with clues for what to do next and where to find stuff. You basically have to just explore everything that looks even vaguely like a ‘point of interest’ and hope for the best.

I remember getting some sort of magic wand that then made the combat kind of trivial.

I didn’t know about a magic wand, but once your bravery is high enough, combat is trivial anyway. I look forward to getting attacked because it breaks the monotony of long walks, and also is the source of cash and magic items and keys.

You took over a week to show up and say this. I was worried!

I don’t have time to read all these threads, I have many demons to turn into loot.

I have no idea what to play this weekend. Tonight I’ve been (playing for the first time, and) bouncing between these games in my backlog:

  • Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts
  • Fire Emblem 3 Houses
  • Dreamfall Chapters

But nothing sticks (for varying reasons) and I find myself tuning out and closing the games after twenty minutes or so. I have plenty of other games to choose from, on a few different platforms, but it’s possible that pushing so hard (and living and breathing) through Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Hades recently has burned me out a little.

Maybe I just need to unwind on a farm in Stardew Valley or something.

Per Aspera
System Shock Remastered Demo
Trying to finish up Stalker SOC
Stars In Shadow

Actively trying to resist buying Shadow Empire, Valheim & Fantasy General 2

I have been playing Total War Warhammer 2. I dislike most of the Total War games for their clunkiness, amongst other things, but this one seems to mostly work for me. It reminds me a bit of HoMM2/ HoMM3 in some ways.

Oh? How so?

Moving armies around a strategic map, and tactical battles, if you want to play them out, and the fantasy setting.

Gunfire Reborn - it occupies a similar role to Slay the Spire in my gaming library ie a sub 1 hour experience which doesn’t leave me feeling like I was just wasting time.

I’ve been playing a scenario of Unity of Command 2 each morning and just got to Operation Overlord. I’ve had UoC2 for a while but it was one of those games I had to overcome the activation energy to start. I like how there is just enough things to consider and options to take, but it never becomes too complicated.

I’ve also been playing a lot of franchise more of Super Mega Baseball 3. I started at ego 50 and was struggling with the batting, even though I was over 70 on SMB2. I dropped it to 40 for hitting and left the others on 50 and started smacking the crap out of the ball. So I put it up to 45 and am still scoring tons of runs. After this season I’ll be back to 50 and see if I’m better now.

I also played some In Death Unchained and Superhot VR.

Still playing Faery Tale Adventure. Getting a bit frustrated/blocked but still too proud to look at a walkthrough. We’ll see how it goes.

The newest Dariusburst for me. Had never played any before, it’s sweet.
I’m playing it while not playing Rogue Heroes because @Chappers forbid me to but is having a better time playing Nioh 2.
Yes, I put it all out in front of everybody. This is going to be messy.