What have you played in the weekend?

You should go play Melty Blood: Type Lumina afterwards, I suppose. ;)

haha, I’m familiar with the series but never really got into it. I don’t think I’m missing much storywise either way though :)

Figured I’d try to get into ME: Andromeda on my Series S since it’s part of the gamepass. Plus, I have the original enhanced edition on my PC, but still hate fighting Origin/Steam to get it to work. I thought starting with the lesser ME (Andromeda) would be simpler on the Xbox and get me into the series enough that I don’t mind fighting the Steam/Origin battle. But I’m stuck about an hour in with some sort of gunbattle that just seems to go on and on. Yuck.

Why didn’t Steam tell me this had released. It is on my Wishlist.

Instead it pushes me towards New World…

DS2 is more of a slog, it is a longer game and with three DLC can seem to go on forever. Also after playing BB it may seem rather slow.

It is a good game but probably should be played before BB.

Going to be a good gaming weekend:

Skyrim SE (heavily modded): I hear an upcoming update may break mods so I am getting as much playtime as I can before that happens.

Far Cry 6: Wasn’t planning on getting this so soon but I had an Epic coupon burning a whole in my digital pocket, so what the hell! The QT3 thread for the game is still lively, so that’s a bonus.

Disciples: Liberation: Like others, the release caught me by surprise. I bailed on Kings Bounty 2 so hopefully this game will scratch my unrequited strategy-rpg itch.

Deep Rock Galactic: Going to join in for some family bonding fun with my daughters and my nephew.

There is a demo available, which I am playing and I like. It feels very much like a serious version of Kings Bounty, or rather HoMM because of the city management.

Yeah! I took the plunge and picked it up on Steam. Still working my way through the prologue but I am liking it as well.

An FIY: a cute little Senna themed expansion pack was released for Horizon Chase Turbo recently. It’s 6 bucks, and offers the same gameplay but with classical circuit layouts, F1 looking cars, and a neat internal view.

So far all I’ve played this weekend is the latest build for Star Fleet II. It has a new probes operation feature that allows for probes to explore systems and expand planets, and it’s a real game changer in the exploration phase of a mission. Before this upgrade, all probes would do is passively tell you some planets exist and that there MIGHT be enemy activity. Now they can seek out enemies themselves. It’s amazing.

I also need to try out the new Nova Bomb, which will make a sun go supernova, just haven’t found the right system - one with multiple enemy planets - to test it with yet.

God I love this fucking game.

It’s because I didn’t call my thread “Disciples: Liberation, all good Kings go to Bounty” or something right?

I think you’re both right, I just wanted to “check out” Bloodborne, since it was included in the “PS Classics” or something that you get access to with PSplus, but woof, that thing sucked me right in. That hunters axe was such a joy to use. Looking forward to doing this one again sometime - something I never do. I’ll go with another weapon (both the other starter weapons seem really cool) and also I totally missed a big chunk of the game (Cairnhurst?) so next time I’ll bring a guide and probably buy the DLC <3.

As for this weekend I totally played more Hades today - I’m consistently getting to the last boss if I choose the fist weapon, but I’ve yet to beat him. My hands are tired from the mashing of dash-attack, but the game really sucked me in this time around on the Xbox, as compared to when I played it on Switch.

The good thing is DS3 is closer to BB speed wise. The game is quicker with some BB inspiration.

DS3 is in the pipeline for sure! I just feel like I want to finish DS2 first. This must be how people who finish games feel like all the time (I’m usually never compelled to finish games, and most get put down long before I’m at the end) And perhaps I should play Demons Souls before DS3?

Ha ha! I just noticed the thread today:)

The DLC for DS2 are good with some interesting and very good bosses. Each also presents you with some interesting locations.

Only if you’ve got a PS5 and can play the remake.

Ha ha ha, good one Matt XD

Yep, that’s what I played BB on and now playing DS2. I’ve basically only played old games on it so far aside from a few minutes of astros playthings - skipped PS4 so getting BB “for free” was a treat!

Killing Soras left and right in Smash Bros
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