What have you played in the weekend?

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy on the Switch take up most of my free time, as I can do that with my 5 year old son. He really loves Mario. He kept wanting to play Super Mario Sunshine even though I’ve found pretty much all the Suns there are to find in that game, it’s just a crapshoot on which blue coins are still left to find. So I’ve been guiding him slowly towards Mario 64 and Galaxy, and he’s finally realizing new content for Mario is more fun than getting the same suns over and over in Sunshine.

I’m putting Elden Ring on the back burner for now. I was playing Final Fantasy X again for the fifth time, but when it left Game Pass, it left me with an incomplete game. I’ll buy it as soon as it goes on sale again, but until then it’s on hold.

I installed the free Top Gun expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator yesterday, as well as Hardspace: Shipbreaker and Sniper Elite 5. So I’m looking forward to play those 3 games to varying degrees this weekend.

I’m crushing my backlog.

Due to the fact that I finally got a “real” GPU towards the start of the year, I’m finally playing the graphically intense vampire survivors.

Also, cyberpunk 2077, which I’m still pretty early on (10-15 hours?), but it’s much less bad than I expected based on the thread. Some of the game is janky, but I’m enjoying some side missions and the main plot seems OK so far - but I know not to rush it, so I’m mostly just doing side missions so I can pew-pew people.

Also, Immortals Fenyx Rising, because @BrianRubin posted in some thread about how it was super on sale. This is the game getting the majority of my play time, as it’s good to pick up and do something for half an hour when I have it free. It would probably get old and wearing if I tried to really binge it, but I don’t have the time to bing any games right now.

To my shame, I got to the very last fight of Elden Ring and decided I don’t care, so it sits forgotten on my hard drive, wondering if I’ll ever give enough of a fuck to start it up again. Probably not! Great game, but for me it was too damn long.

I too am enjoying it in small bursts!

I do if you have an opinion about it!

(Example: I played the latest Assassin’s Creed this weekend, and it’s terrible! Or I played Sniper Elite 3 and I’d recommend people go back and give this one a second look. Or I played Outer Worlds last weekend, and it continues to be pretty mediocre, but I still enjoy it and recommend it).

So I am going to replay Dragon Age: Inquisitions starting today. I have the DLC now and figured to give it a try. But man are the controls unintuitive, and I have played this once already.

Because someone stuffed with the thread title! ;)

Not a lot of time this weekend, but I’ll be checking out Interstellar Space Genesis (PC), the new No Man’s Sky expedition (PC VR), and on the table I have Burncycle that just arrived, so probably a bunch of reading rules and drooling over components there!

You say this like it’s a joke, but getting 60fps during the endgame was an actual incentive for upgrading to a new PC. The current overly-demanding nature of the game is why they’re in the process of porting it to a new engine.

Anyway, I also played Vampire Survivors on my day off. A new update came out on Monday and added a lot of new content that I tore through on Tuesday.

My other day off this week is tomorrow, and I’ll be playing Assemble and Install a New Computer Desk 2022.

During my just concluded bout with COVID (when I wasn’t feeling too crappy to play at all) I was all over the place. Some Control, Days Gone, No Man’s Sky (after a 3.5 year hiatus) and finally Trek to Yomi on Game Pass.

Old World - glad it’s finally on Steam. Great design innovations for 4x, I see this aging like a fine wine.

Got a new RTX card (RTX 3070), which I installed today, so decided to try out something with ray-tracing. Fired up RTX Quake 2. Damn, shit looks nice.

Just LOL.

Must keep thread alive!

Last weekend I played some Riftbreaker, Goetia, and started Steamworld Quest Hand of Gilgamech. :)

We are down to the last 3 bosses in V Rising after last weekend so getting ready for the upcoming weekend on the new ARK map Fjordur on the Qt3 ARK cluster.

The disappointment that is Diablo Immortal has got me back into its polar opposite - Grim Dawn. Working my way through Forgotten Gods which I haven’t actually done to completion yet. And timed as they have just dropped another patch as well!

Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (which just showed up on Steam on Friday). Both lots of fun.

I started Sniper Elite 4 on Monday. After putting almost 300 hours into Elden Ring I just had to take a break from it.

I’ve been indulging in some gaming comfort food recently and playing combat challenges in the Batman Arkham games. One intensely annoying thing that happens in Arkham Asylum and makes you break your combo is this: you’ll be on a decent streak of hits and you see the visual indicator of an enemy behind Batman’s shoulder just about to hit him, so naturally once you land the blow you’re on, you push the counter button (triangle on PS or Y on Xbox). Unfortunately in some cases like that Batman has moved just far away enough from the dude about to hit him for the counter button to have no effect and make you, the player, lose your combo. GRRR. Which really sucks if you’re going for a high score or even better, the Flawless Freeform Bonus.

I don’t know if moving the stick to where the attacking mook was (assuming you remember correctly) when hitting the counter button would yield a different result, though. Anyone know?

I actually finished Cyberpunk over the weekend! That’s quite an accomplishment for me. I feel like lately I’ve been hopping around from game to game, not finishing any of them.

Nice! I think @espressojim just finished that game as well.