What have you played in the weekend?

Reminds me of That Which Sleeps.

I’ve gotten back into Control. I’ll finish it one day.

It’s a pretty short game, you can do it!

Giving Elden Ring another break - at over 140 hours, it’s the most played game I’ve played since Skyrim.

Started playing Resident Evil 2 again since it was recently upgraded for Xbox and started a new game since I had no idea where I left off. I love this remake, but I have to be in a certain mood to play it since it makes me tense. I said tense not scared. No, I’m not scared!!! I’m not!

Also started playing AC: Origins, again because of the X/S upgrade. 60 FPS does so much for these AC games what with all the climbing and running one does. I can play these longer now without motion sickness. Really can’t wait for them to upgrade Black Flag so I can give it a go, or Syndicate so I can go back to it and finish it.

Played a little bit of Technomancer which I picked up long ago. Some cool gameplay stuff and it looks pretty good, but man does combat movement feel so clunky. Kind of feels like a first gen Playstation title in that respect. Not sure I want to keep playing. Same issue with Greedfall. If this developer could improve this alone, they’d probably have a hit since everything else is not bad (though I guess Greedfall sold well if it has a sequel coming up).

It was made by a disappointed fan of that project, apparently!

Haha, I’m so hoping there is a thread on some forum somewhere with someone saying to that dude “if you’re not happy about the game, make your own!”.

Honestly, I thought that might be the case…

I finally finished all the main missions in Control and DLC! I’ve been playing since around March, with a few multi-week breaks due to travel for work/fun. I really enjoyed the aesthetic, narrative design, etc, even if the story itself was a bit too far out there for me at times - I wasn’t reading every single bit of lore in notes. The powers and service weapons were a lot of fun to master; I think there were only 1-2 boss matches that took up to 3 tries, which is pretty reasonable balance IMO. I did skip one of the side missions that I read was near impossible after I myself was one-shot killed a few too many times.

Now to decide what story-driven game to pursue next in my backlog… thinking either Banner Saga 3 (I believe its quite short, and liked the first two) or the Outer Wilds (longer, extremely well reviewed). Edit: maybe SupraLand in that mix - got an hour into it before Control and went with the latter.

Edit: and going to do a palate cleanser of Urbek city building for a bit before either of those next options.

This weekend, in addition to power washing a tree house, I started playing the original Deus Ex (one of my all-time favorite games) using the GMDX mod. The mod enhances the graphics (and lets you select modern resolutions), expands the skill tree a bit, and adds various other QoL features, all without changing the core game too drastically. I usually go stealth/mini crossbow but maybe I’ll switch it up this time and go GEP gun/demolition.

Also, is DX the only game where you get busted for going into the ladies restroom? :)

This weekend was mostly about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. I also played a bit of FF XIV (I’m about to start Endwalker, finally!) and WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition, and even took a few minutes to try a few other games in my backlog. Good times.

XCOM 2 WotC has called me back after a long hiatus. Finally killed the Hunter, so now the Warlock is the only Chosen left.