What horror game did you just play? (Was it any good?)


This year I’ve started October early and have been pregaming with the Last Door and Skautfold: Shrouded in Sanity. I’ve said in the Darkwood thread that I was planning to play that one, although I’m not sure I’m going to stick to that…there are just so many! I have Resident Evil HD in my library but have only ever played it for like an hour. I only did the first couple hours of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I don’t remember thinking it was a great game, but I’m really in the mood for gothic horror vibes so maybe that’ll hit the spot. Also there’s Blasphemous. And of course Bloodborne is always willing to invite me back for “real 3D Castlevania” (play with the cane!). Or maybe I’ll just have to play a round of Golden Krone Hotel a day for the entire month. Oh, and then there’s Darkest Dungeon! I’ve always loved the vibe of that one. Opulent and imperial, indeed. Song of Horror! I’ll have to tear myself away from Noita for a whole month, but I think I can do it.

What are you guys doing with your October?

It really is decorative gourd season over here. My toddler keeps carrying a squash around like a baby, and trying to take it to bed. And now someone’s drawn faces on five different squash and put diapers on some of them. So that’s fun. I swear we have actual toys in the house.


Did they update that piece at some point? I don’t remember all of that, but that’s probably just my memory.

As far as I know, it’s the same one. Amazingly it has its own wiki entry!

Gonna try to finally play through Luigi’s Mansion 3 this month after I wrap up Eastward

Finally an on-topic response! My girlfriend absolutely tore up Eastward, by the way. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as she did!

I’ve been giving this some serious thought. I was leaning toward a replay of Alien Isolation or Dead Space, but then I thought maybe I should try something new. And I have a few older, creepy point and clicks like The Last Door and a couple of Blackwell games I haven’t beaten. But nothing is jumping out at me as an obvious pick, so I’m up for suggestions as well.

I listed a bunch in my initial post, nothing there grabbing you?

Well, there’s a few I haven’t heard of such as Skautfold and Golden Krone Hotel, a couple I’ve already played like Resident Evil and Darkest Dungeon, and one I don’t have the hardware for, Bloodbourne (not really into Souls-like games anyway).

So - guess that leaves Blasphemous which I did think look interesting but wasn’t really aware it fit the horror genre, and Song of Horror which I don’t know too much about. So, guess I should look into those two. Plus maybe the first two I listed.

Blasphemous isn’t scary but the vibe is definitely horrific.

Skautfold is a series of indie gothic horror pixel art action games with the first one being a kind of top-down Bloodborne. Again not really scary but still that gothic vibe I crave.

Real heads may recall the Golden Krone Hotel as the place Jonathan Harker stayed overnight in Bistritz, although the game doesn’t have anything to do with Dracula as far as I know. It’s actually a traditional roguelike with a vampire hunting story. Not scary but Halloweeny!

Song of Horror is by far the most traditional “horror” game on my list, I think. A third person survival horror game where you can’t actually fight the monster but sometimes have to evade it by way of QTEs. This one was very divisive, with some loving the atmosphere and some hating the way your character(s) can die and stay dead (you get some new ones in each of the five chapters). Looks scary!

I just got Blood Omen from GOG. Pleasantly surprised by it so far.

How is Skaufold?

Back 4 Blood comes out in a couple weeks, that counts right?

Oh man, the original Blood Omen. Definitely a bleak vibe on that one. Is the PC version any different from the PSX?

Skautfold is interesting so far. Good atmosphere and the combat is not janky. I keep pressing the wrong buttons but that’s not the game’s fault. The feel is equal parts SotN and BB, and it plays like Hyper Light Drifter or the like. It’s obviously indie but not painfully so. The four games often go for very cheap.

One from back in the day that I wish I’d picked up when it was $2.50 that still looks good for atmosphere is The Consuming Shadow.

Oh, there’s also Bloodstaineds: X of the Y, those have to count as Halloween games, right?

It’s my first time playing Blood Omen. Almost my first contact. At the time it was released, it was both a playstation and a western game, which were two things which made me ignore it with the greatest intent. I had read years later about how good it was supposed to be, and so far it’s been living up to it. Quite an interesting game!
We were discussing it online amongst AIs, and it appears this PC version is the same as the PSX one, but without annoying loadings, especially before and after cutscenes.

I got all the Skaufold guy’s games, because… indeed, they are often sold cheap ;D I haven’t tried them yet, because… so many good games…
The wrong buttons take worries me, as it’s one thing I have issues with lots of games.

I hope to finish SOMA , which I started in November of last year, but got to Lambda and was too scared to keep playing at night and put it aside, lol.

Holy crap man, that’s one of my favorite sci-fi horror games ever. You owe it to yourself to finish SOMA.

It used a semi-Souls scheme where RB is a light attack and RT a heavy, but I have been used to playing games where those are X and Y, whereas here X rolls, so it’s not so bad to hit accidentally, but Y, Bloodborne-style, uses your limited health restoration items, which is less good to hit accidentally.