What I consider the best Kung Fu movie ever

I’m a fan of processed cheese. This movie is pure cheeze-whiz on DVD.

The Fatal Flying Guillotines

Now, don’t get me wrong - I like the occasional “good because it’s GOOD” movie like Iron Monkey… but to me there’s simply nothing better than a kung fu movie that is so horrifically cheesy that you can’t help but laugh yourself to tears while watching it. Flying Guillotines is such a movie, and it just utterly startles you with cheese at every turn.

It’s hard to find… I scored mine at a media play about 150 miles away. If a local rental place has it, do get it. The transfer to DVD is even as bad as the movie itself - you can see the VHS tracking line in the bottom of the frame if you watch it on a monitor. (That distorted horizontal line that’s usually off the bottom of your TV picture)

But is it as good/bad as “The Kid with the Golden Arm”?

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It can’t possibly beat Crippled Masters.

Maybe, but 18 Weapons of Kung-Fu has the best ending ever.

I liked “The Legend of Fung-Sai Yook” or however it’s spelled.

Didn’t the Kid with the Iron Feet beat the Kid with the Golden Arm?

My favorite Kung Fu movie is the 1990’s adaptation of Jing Yong’s “Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain” books. Though the version that came out in the '80’s was pretty good too.

The best kung-fu movie ever is the only portion of game of death the bruce lee filmed. they had a special on AMC about it and they had acutally recovered other missing portions of that film. if you want to see a kick ass kung fu movie, just watch that. it is easily his most impressive work as a martial artist and it is also filmed in a fashion that allows you to really appreciate the fights.

No, Agent Hai Tu first fought The Kid With the Golden Arm, and won by spitting wine at GA’s eyes, blinding him permanently. But then The Kid With the Iron Feet tried to take advantage of this by killing first Golden Arm, then Agent Hai Tu. Instead, Golden Arm, despite being blind, managed to punch his arm through Iron Feet’s chest, winning that match. Agent Hai Tu was going to let Golden Arm leave and retire as a blind monk, but the girlfriend of a guy Golden Arm killed earlier came up behind him and ran him through with a sword.

What a great flick.

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Jackie Chan in Drunken Master 2 (released here in the states as Legend of Drunken Master).

Any of the early Jet Li movies, before he hurt his back and relied overmuch on wire work.

Among the older stuff, I’m partial to Five Deadly Venoms. I’ve actually seen a Flying Guillotine move, I think it was Master of the Flying Guillotine. It was a’ight.

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jr you rock. Five Deadly Venoms is one of my fave kung fu movies… and so with Master Killer! I remember seeing these Sunday Noons when I was a kid. Awesome. I think I may actually buy these if I can find them…


Good site that reviews a fair share of kung-fu flicks:

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It’s a pity that you don’t see translations for the kungfu movies that came out in '89/'90 to about '93/'94 (my god, has it been 10 years already?). Many of the stories aren’t as good as the old ones but the fight scenes are superb. Of course by this time, I think many adults had grown tired of kungfu movies and the kids just couldn’t get into them, so the kungfu movie as a genre died again. Until Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Now you’ll see a kungfu movie come out every once in a while, but still not much.

All HK movies, in the period you’re talking about, were subtitled in English as a matter of HK law. The translations are often kind of rough, but hey, these are action movies we’re talking about. And it’s no worse than the same six British actors who apparently dubbed every kung fu movie of the Seventies.

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You folks would probably appreciate this site: http://www.illuminatedlantern.com/links.html

That’s true, but not many people will walk into a Chinese video store to rent them. If you like kungfu movies and want to watch more, I recommend it.