What if...?

I don’t think there was anything to clearly suggest they were the same Dr. other than “creepy”.

Do I hate everything now or are the first three episodes of season 2 kinda boring?

I actually though these were quite excellent; better than season 1, imho.

Yeah, I thought the first three were excellent, the best that one can hope for if you’re in to the premise of the show… which I think I am.

I saw Menzo’s post before my son and I watched the first four last night, so I went in with low expectations. We both really enjoyed the season so far. Interesting story approaches, some beautifully designed sequences, and a lot of fun moments.

So yeah, Adam, I think you mighta been in a bad mood or something. :)

It turns out my heart isn’t totally iced over just yet, because I really liked Episode 5! And apparently this is a hero (one I hadn’t ever heard of) who will play a bigger role in the upcoming episodes, too.

Yay! “And Menzo’s heart grew three sizes that day.”

Really enjoyed Ep 5 as well. (But I’m a huge Hayley Atwell/Captain Carter fan!)

My son and I were noticing how amazingly well-done the animation was. The action scenes had some really incredible sequences, far more interesting than most of the CGI superhero stuff you see in movies nowadays. Those of us who grew up on Super Friends would have never imagined action sequences like that.

Gotta see if there’s a background feature on how the animation is done on this show.

That season was enjoyable. I was hoping to see a bit more Good Hel, but it ended well.

It had a fun little bit of fore shadowing at the end.

Yeah that was a satisfying finale. I liked the one-episode-per-day release cadence too.

My biggest complaints is that many of these What Ifs could have been an hour long episode or even their own miniseries, like Loki.

They just seemed to rush to their conclusion. The Hela story was basically a combination of the first Thor Movie and the 10 rings movie it seemed.

I think the depth of What If is about the level of interest I have in multiverses these days. Marvel has enough trouble making good shows about the heroes in the universe we know. Imagine if they tried to cover more miltiverses.

With the exception of Captain Carter. Give me that one only.

This show looks amazing: it looks far more like a comic brought to life than any of the big budget movies.

I’ve never been a big fan of the What If format, going back to the comics. The short length and the basic premise pretty much guarantees you’re going to get rushed through something superficial, and not a fully satisfying story. (And as big a fan as I am of second and third stringers, this is not helped by relying on them: “What if Hela went to the magic village from Shang-Chi?” isn’t all that compelling a premise when neither Hela nor the village were all that fleshed out in the original movies.)

As such, I liked the goofier episodes better. The Happy Hogan episode may have induced a few groans, but it was the exactly sort of fun little trifle this kind of format can do well. The last episode, as big as the stakes were, felt pretty surface level.

But what glorious-looking surfaces!

When I watched the first season of What if…? back at release, I could barely get through it. It was so dull and I didn’t care about any of these alternate universe characters enough to be interested in the outcome.

After 15 miinutes of the first episode of season 2, I’m thinking there’s no point in continuing. Is there anything that ties it to the greater Marvel universe that makes it a ‘you have to see it to understand this thing that will happen’ event? I don’t mind having it as background noise if it’s going to evolve the overarching ‘story’ at all, but I can’t imagine being entertained by it these days.

My son and I both absolutely loved this season, and both felt it got better as the season went on. The last set of episodes, from Kahhori on, were just a lot of fun, with entertaining writing and really well-done action scenes.

I’m absolutely fine with the length/immersion level of these. Sometimes bite-size entertainment has its place.

@Equisilus, the first episode was definitely the weakest of the season. But if you didn’t like S1, I doubt S2’s gonna be your cuppa either. That said, I would watch Episode 6, “What if Kahhori reshaped the world?” It stands alone, and I have a feeling after seeing the buzz around it that we’ll see that new character again in comics and hopefully in the MCU live action stuff.

The 1602 episode in particular had me particularly confused - was it a “1602 world” that was earth but perpetually in 1602? Was it just that all the people in the “modern” avengers all happened to be born so they were the same age as what we’re familiar with, but in the year 1602, but an alternate earth? If so, did people have names like “Tony” back in 1602 in England? Why so many anachronisms from the characters who inhabited the world? Having someone say “thee” doesn’t really cut it for 1602.

It was almost embarrassing. I don’t understand why that seemed like a good idea, except if you want to say “haw haw MCU is so silly!”. Just some terrible mix of lazy and uninteresting.

It’s strange, I liked season1, where my impression is it was more of the multiverse thing of “What if this one decision / event changed, what would be a reasonable set of consequences that would follow on from that”. That feels a bit more like how good sci-fi ideas start. It’s (potentially) a great way to explore how characters you think you know would react under different circumstances. At least with Dr. Strange they leveraged that somewhat in season 1.

I did like the Kahhori story at least they went for something different (unless I haven’t done enough MCU homework and that character is already part of the comic book lore and I just don’t know. Every time I watch MCU and see a “new” character I wonder if the character is new, or I didn’t do enough homework.) And I like seeing Captain Carter, a good hero that is at a reasonable power level - hell, I’d like to see that character fleshed out in either more animated shows or a live action show.

Maybe I should watch season 1 again - I don’t remember every episode but I remember enjoying the effort a whole lot more.


Oh god, 1602 was homework I didn’t do! Marvel 1602 - Wikipedia. Maybe with some setup it would have worked better.

I mean, this is comic book universe logic here. It’s “What if the Avengers were 400 years ago?” and that’s why it works that way. :)

At least 1602 was an interesting Neil Gaiman creation. Marvel recently did Avengers 1,000,000 BC.

Nice breakdown of the process of building each of this season’s stories. (Do not read prior to watching! Spoiler-packed.)

The 1602 comic was actually pretty good. The “sequels”, not so much.

Watched the first three of season two and these are just really great 30 minute stories. I absolutely love the Happy Hogan Christmas episode. I can imagine everyone sitting around laughing as they read the script as heartily as I laughed while watching! That was just so much fun!

Looking forward to the rest. Also, I love how much Chris Hemsworth seems to enjoy playing Thor!