What if...?

Very much captured the vibe of the old comics. The riffing on major events from the original stories, while I agree is a bit eye-rolling sometimes, also comes from those comics. It’s part of the schtick, basically. Personally, I find it fun most of the time. All told, I’d probably give it a solid B or B+.

Definitely going to tune in every week.

I really enjoyed it!

Also, if you’re a Haley Atwell fan, there’s a new Marvel Legends episode that recaps her story from the first Cap movie all the way through Endgame.

It’s weird that they didn’t include anything from the Agent Carter TV series, especially since it’s A) supposedly canonical now, thanks to Endgame, and B) available to watch on Disney+. You’d think they would want to cross-promote as much as possible.

Sweeeeet. Thanks.

Didn’t seem weird at all. The episode covers the time period that Captain America: The First Avenger covered originally. That’s all pre-Agent Carter, and then—spoilers—Peggy’s out of the picture until present day just like Steve was originally. Am I forgetting something the show did that would overlap with the First Avenger period?

Where in that would Agent Carter material have appeared?

Also, what about Endgame specifically establishes the TV show as canon? If there was any nod there to anything previously only established on the TV show, I’ve forgotten it.

The What If? Comics of the 70s were usually fun, but IIRC almost always hit the reset button by the end. Somehow, no matter the changes, things ended up close to the original universe anyway.

Sorry, I was actually talking about the Marvel Legends episode that covers the history of Peggy Carter. In that episode, they go through Captain America, and then the Agent Carter One-Shot that shows her working for S.H.I.E.L.D. I figured they would at least reference the Agent Carter series there too, especially since it was created by the writers of all the Captain America movies (plus Infinity War and Endgame).

In the scene with Howard Stark, the actor who played Jarvis in the Agent Carter TV show (James D’Arcy) appears as Jarvis. I think he’s the only character to start in a TV show and move to the movies, although I’m sure that will change soon.

I think a lot of the What If…? comics ended with “…and then the world was destroyed.” Or maybe I just remember those because they were my favorites.

Ah, I did forget about Jarvis, thanks! I understand what you meant about the Legends stuff too.

Wasn’t the segment from 5:27 to 5:55 from the TV series?

There was a very short-lived series of shorts called Marvel One-Shots that were included as DVD extras. There were only five total, but all of those scenes are from the Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter. You can find it in the Iron Man 3 extras.

Way to bury the content, Disney! Where are the other ones?!?

I don’t know if they ever released them outside of the DVD/Blu-ray extras on those early movies, but I’m glad they’re apparently canon. I really hope Scoot McNairy shows up at least briefly in Shang-chi.

I second that - it’s a faithful re-creation of the What If? concept, limitations and all. The majority of the original What If? comics read like chopped-up summaries of potentially interesting stories, rather than being fleshed out, well-told stories themselves.

It looks fabulous though, the occasional dubious face model aside (Bucky looked pretty much exactly unlike Bucky.) The action scenes were especially nice. I may watch it again with the sound off just to admire the graphic design.

  • The Consultant - Thor (Extra on Disney Plus)
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer - Captain America: The First Avenger (Not Extra on Disney Plus)
  • Item 47 - The Avengers (Not Extra on Disney Plus)
  • Agent Carter - Iron Man 3 (Extra on Disney Plus)
  • All Hail The King - Thor: The Dark World (Not Extra on Disney Plus)

I haven’t verified if this list is accurate, but this says that 2 of the 5 are on Disney+. Judging by a cursory browse on YouTube, the other ones are…not easy to find!

And I don’t know how closely people looked at the closing credits, but it looks like they got almost every actor back to reprise their roles! Notable exceptions are a soundalike to replace Chris Evans, Ross Marquand (Infinity War and Endgame) reprised his Hugo Weaving impersonation, and they wrote Tommy Lee Jones out of the story.

That was fantastic! Damn

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No thread yet? Maybe because it looks like a kids show, but I’m not sure that’s right.

I liked the first episode, I was surprised how embedded it is, how much it doesn’t stand alone, how it utterly piggybacks out of a MCU movie, very much a what if that movie you saw years and years ago had a different story.

Marvel had a good thing going with Avengers: EMH, maybe not as good as the DC animated universe, but better than what they’ve had for years now, but I think if they can keep quality high, maybe this is the series that’s going to lead Marvel Animation to the top.

Yeah, I was reading a review of it just now and after a promising intro about how What If… stories can ignore the canon, I quickly lost interest when it became evident that this was yet another Disney+ show for Marvel/SW diehards.

I have been enjoying the Modok show somewhat, FWIW.

Man tough room, I’m really loving this first episode.