What induces nerd rage in you?


Not being able to touch type induced such nerd rage in me a few weeks back that I said ‘Fuck it, cold turkey, no more looking at the damn keyboard!’ I mean, I already in principal knew how to touch type - which fingers where and so forth, but I was more of a multi-finger looking at the keyboard type typer. Got sick of typing shit then looking up and having to go back to fix mistakes or worse, finding some process had taken focus away from my text entry.

Less than 3 weeks later, I can effectively type as quickly as before, when factoring total editing time, with obvious room for improvement.

Maybe I should have gone for Dvorak though…


I actually had a lead programmer tell me “you type fast” while screen-sharing with him to track down some weird nonsense in the VS debugger a few months back. I was pretty impressed with myself, let me tell you.


This usually means the other programmer (the slower typist, not you) isn’t very good!


What induces nerd rage? People poking their grimy finger onto my laptop screen and smudging it. Stop poking!!!


Christ, this.

My 14-year-old daughter has a friend that for whatever reason MUST touch the screen with her greasy fingers whenever they are using my computer. And I’m not talking about a laptop – I’m speaking of my brand-new 31" curved desktop monitor that I bought instead of, I dunno, a new swimming pool or something. I get home from work and sit down to do bills and there are a dozen little oily smudges all over my screen. It’s maddening.


Omg! I’d be damn pissed if this happened to MY brand new curved monitor! Password lock your PC with retina scan or something so they can’t use!


The problem is all kids today are trained that screens are touch enabled. It must seem weird to them when one isn’t.


I know, my 17yo niece has mutant thumbs, types like lightning, hardly looks. It’s probably too late to and I’m probably too old for this shit.


Had a boss that would do this with his pen. He finally realized it wasn’t the best idea when he drew a big line across my monitor.

My new entry: A combination of Infosec awareness is still poor enough/people are still gullible enough to click links from unknown senders regarding credit cards they never opened on their work email accounts. Needless to say department productivity has been… down.


My father recieved an e-mail from someone he knew, but did not regularly communicate with. It contained a message saying the e-mail could not be opened, and to click on a link to read. The link then directed him to input his g-mail password.

I damn near lost my mind.


Eeek! He knew better, I hope??


Considering he clicked on the link and put his password in… safe to say no.

I had a busy evening that day.


People who type “hahahah” and then feel the need to follow that up with an LOL.





“I’m passionate about sales acceleration and core marketing!”

No you’re fucking not. Not unless you’re literally insane.


Goddamn I hate that attitude in workplaces.

Are we a company wherein the staff play in bouncy castles and eat cake 24/7?


K, then maybe you need to accept that a lot of people are just gonna show up for a paycheck and do perfectly competent work in exchange for that.

I really hate having to gussy up my “passion” for shit jobs just to stand out among the 200 other people entirely capable of doing them -.-


“We’re rolling out this huge, global, massive shift to a marketing program in two weeks, here’s some education. We really value your feedback - field sales input is critical to the success of such programs,”

No you fucking don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t be telling us about it the week before it launches.


Webex is NOT a platform for delivery of video content. Stop trying to play videos/youtube over it!


Oof, I can feel your pain from here.


I can, too, at about 3FPS. Can’t hear any of you, though, since some jack-hole left their mic on and keeps grunting while he slurps coffee.