What induces nerd rage in you?


When people are impossibly negative and unpleasant in every single post they make in a forum :)


Wondering why there’s no thread is transitory, but question marks in titles live forever.

Except on Discourse, maybe.


HAHA that’s right fellow forum users, Discourse allows topic titles (and category) to be editable by:

  • the topic owner
  • trust level 3 users

… much to the chagrin of @tomchick who fuckin’ hates it and has it turned off.

(That said, I am open to the idea that topic titles shouldn’t be editable forever, mostly because on some Discourse forums they constantly change certain “chatty” trust level 3 only topic titles for the lulz and that does get old.)


Tom is right to hate that feature - I would make it my life’s work to become a level 3 user just so I could fuck with every thread’s title.


Your life’s work would quickly result in a permanent ban, then. You know people get automatically notified when anyone edits their post, right? Or maybe you didn’t.

Now you do.


No, I can’t say I’ve studied up on the intricacies of how things tick around here. Permanent ban, eh? What a way to go!


Keyboards without key lock indicators!

Apologies if this subject was already mentioned above, but I had nerd rage this last weekend over a laptop that had no numlock indicator.

I noticed the same thing on my keyboard at work. I have the wired version at home and it has a little light to tell me if I’ve got caps lock or num lock on. But the wireless one at work doesn’t.

What the hell. Who designs a nice keyboard or laptop in 2016 and can’t be bothered to put a key lock indicator on it?


Short and sweet, but I detest having to disable these two options on every … fucking … installed … Microsoft … product.

Selecting words in the Microsoft world

Oh my holy fuck I didn’t even realize the first one was an option.

I’m cursing a lot today. Sorry for those with sensitive eyes!

edit: but seriously you’ve just set my inevitable rage-and-fat-induced heart attack back by about three months, @Skipper.


I have to cut and paste specific sections of text all the fucking time for work. I can’t tell you how many times I inevitably done the following:

  1. Select start of what I want to copy.
  2. Drag mouse to where I want to end.
  3. Notice it also selected a space and newline. Drag mouse back.
  4. Repeat times infinity.
  5. Eventually, copy whatever the fuck it was into notepad.
  6. Remove the unwanted sections and finally select just what I wanted from the original copy.
  7. Finally fucking paste the shit.
  8. Drink after work.


Microsoft cramming Edge down my throat. First, every time I open Chrome, my Windows 10 spams my with “oh, hey, didn’t you know Edge is 17% faster? Didn’t you know Edge is 8% more reliable?” I’ve searched and can’t find a way to turn off the damn messages.

Next, Cortana now ignores my preferred browser and always opens Edge.

Didn’t Microsoft learns its lesson with Internet Explorer? This feels like the same crap they pulled when they wanted to push IE as the only thing that Windows users load up.


I’m fairly sure Microsoft has never learned a lesson from anything they’ve ever done.


The whole-word-select thing is the absolute goddamn worst. Nothing worse than a UI that thinks it’s smarter than the user.

My Win10 install has never bitched about Edge other than when I open it (because something isn’t rendering right in Chrome or something, like twice since I upgraded OS?) and it’s like YOU ARE GOING TO GET AIDS IF YOU DON’T MAKE THIS YOUR DEFAULT BROWSER but then I kill the application and it leaves me alone.


Hey you misspelled “Micro$shaft” there, brave internet warrior.


I mean there are worse companies out there, but Microsoft’s legacy of “shit no one ever asked for being rammed down people’s throats” is a pretty storied one. Games For Windows Live!!! Windows Marketplace!

I guess it’s better than Apple’s “proprietary everything” methodology. I’ll generally take “annoying” over “slightly less annoying and stupidly expensive” any day.


I’ve always thought it was just M$ for the cool kids.


The use of “tho” on the internet.


Comment: “I disliked Suicide Squad due to its disjointed editing, boring and ridiculous ultimate villain, pedestrian use of licensed music, moral waffling on the squad members’ criminal origins, and nonsensical plot.”

Response: “Harley tho”


I’m pretty sure that was originally from Black People Social Media, which if so just makes it more annoying to see Internet kids drive it into the ground.


The reason I hate all these programs auto-updating themselves is it took me about an hour to find out it was Adobe DC that turned my mouse cursor into some sort of broken film block. It’s a known bug apparently they can’t bother to fix as they force feed their patches.

I still use Adobe mostly due to work.


I like when iTunes just decides to minimize or overlay a game because of some random update.

Also iTunes has an update literally every week.