What induces nerd rage in you?


Apparently it’s a known Windows problem and not Adobe. The thing is… I’ve never had it before. I now have about a dozen programs that self-updated in the past week,including windows itself, and I can’t figure out which one i causing the windows cursor to just glitch out. I hate this auto-update crap.


The rage continues in 2017!

People on tech support forums who start off a thread with variations of “I’ve searched but I can’t find anything on yadda yadda…”

…yet when you copy and paste the title of their own thread into Google, the exact answer to their question is in the first screen of results, if not the very first result.

What the hell?


The poor bastards were using Bing.


OMG I am ridiculously entertained by this simple statement, like way, way more than I should be.



I keep on losing my Favorites in Apple Maps! What the hell?

Just upgraded to iOS 11 and Favorites is gone again! I believe it’s tied to Apple ID and the moment Apple ID get logged out, the favorites are gone. But login in does not restore it. Ughhhhh! So angry!


Youtube now asks you to sign up for Youtube Red on every single video.

Not most of them. All of them (at least when I’m in Theater Mode). Once the ad stops playing a popup appears that talks about Youtube Red. I was catching up on a backlog and had to close the stupid thing like 12 times in a row.


Wrong period of the year, but I couldn’t help it. I was browsing Steam reviews (my bad, I confess), and my eyes have been assaulted by something that, for a long time, has been puzzling me at best, and annoying the hell out of me at worst: the people who use ellipses all the time, in lieu of any sort of punctuation, or even space sometimes.
The sort of “I think…this game…not good…but whatever…you know…yeah…"

Rhaaaaa, make it stop! Where is this thing coming from? How come it seems to have been happening for years and years?


My not-entirely conscious end goal as a writer is to eventually perfectly emulate my own speech pattern in text. Which involves a lot of. . . thoughtful pauses. Yes, we’ll call them thoughtful.

Though I’m also a sucker for semi-colons, parentheses, and em dashes. How many semi-related independent clauses can I string together into a single “sentence?” Nobody knows!


Why… does God… need… a starship? Spock… why? Why… Spock?


I do this a lot – I use two dashes to signify a break in my speech. No one’s ever said anything about it though!


hyphen: - (compound words, like “Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath”)
en dash: – (usually time or duration related “please read pages 15–20” or “pre–Quartertothree, we used to huddle around fires to share stories and argue about video games”)
em dash: — (incomplete phrases like “ellipses? You lousy, son of a—” or setting off a phrase “I just wanted to say—oh, and remind me later to organize my thoughts better—that I really appreciate you reading through this”)


ellipsis: … (William Shatner speaking.)


Informative. Thank you.
Punctuation is the most difficult aspect of writing, at least for me. For instance, I would have used parentheses in your final example, and not thought twice about it. I didn’t pay much attention in English class. So many rules!


I used to mess around (in earlier years (when I had plenty of time on my hands (and enjoyed messing with people’s heads (come to think of it, I still enjoy that (older, no wiser (but still kicking, mind you)))))) with our friends, the parentheses I like the way it looks!.


Wrong, that would just be a regular hyphen.

Something I’ve been seeing the last few years is what I’m assuming is a bizarre hypercorrection where people stick hyphens in for no reason at all, like “the boy was three-years old”. Drives me batty.


Gah, good point. I was somehow thinking Quarter to Three instead of Quartertothree.


I don’t see how that would make a difference. Pre, post, etc aren’t indicating a span, so they never take en dashes.


Proper open compound


Okay? En dashes aren’t used with any kind of compound words.