What induces nerd rage in you?


I had my suspicions…


This should not annoy me, but it really does. I feel like Mr. Reynolds should be supporting something a little more, I don’t know, substantial in the gaming world.


Green Lantern?


Well, when you despise video games and their players you’re just interested in a quick payday.


I dine by myself a fair amount. Not always but often. If you are the receptionist and I show up and have been waiting in (ok let’s call it this though I’m thinking you need more than one person to make it so or within 50 feet of my general vicinity) line and there is nobody coming in the door and I give off my semi distant loner vibe at all times anyway, why do you without fail look me up, look me down, look all around and ask me -“How Many”?

Is this more of the dummification of our nation? A Jerry Springer effect? Do you think someone is going to materialize out of thin air?

I’ve taken to acting this out as a mute. I look all around me. I put a dumbstruck look on my face. I raise my eyebrows and telepathically beam to the person “Seriously, do you give any thought to anything that comes out of your pie hole? Do you realize I am this close to finding the nearest set of silverware and taking you apart with a butter knife?”. I wait the obligatory three seconds until I see it, it’s like watching a sunrise on a distant horizon, the thought finally comes into your mind and you say “Just One then?”.


I don’t think that’s an unreasonable question. Many times people who may be dining together arrive separately. We have friends that we go to dinner with on a regular basis, and we almost never arrive at the exact same moment. Usually the party that arrives first will grab a tabe.

What bugs me is when grocery shopping, and we’ve just arrived so are pushing an empty cart, some gomer will ask without bothering to look “Find everything you’re looking for?” The other questions that always bugs me is some waitperson asking how my meal is but not even slowing down long enough for me to answer.

But to answer the original question, I am the stereotypical grammar Nazi. I also have low tolerance for “unusual” spelling of names. Every time I see a name badge that reads “Syndee” I want to ask who the person in the family too stupid to correctly spell the name is.


The other people could be running late or stuck in traffic. The spouse could be with the baby changing a diaper. The old parents could be waiting outside on the bench so they didn’t have to stand.

I dine alone pretty often myself and it’s never struck me as an unusual question at all. When I AM meeting someone, whoever gets there first grabs the table. Also, it can be difficult at a visual glance to see who is with who, especially if there are large parties waiting.

It seems to me it’s the correct approach to ask and verify. It only takes a second of your time to answer.


I agree, it’s a not a great question and is a bit patronizing. A more appropriate and adult question is “can I get you anything?” or “do you need anything”.


Sounds more like it’s the effect of more and more people who have never had to sink so low as to have taken a job in the service industry and can’t have a shred of sympathy for what it must be like to deal with the sea of humanity in all its horrible various forms day in and day out for mind numbing hours on end for shit pay.

Merry Christmas.


To all. Allow me to express my nerd rage. That is all I ask.

I think you could tell be my snark and hyperbole that I have had many occasions to consider explanations of why the question is asked over and over again when anyone with a limited amount of deductive and analytical acumen could tell I am by myself and not expecting anybody else. These are places I repeatedly dine and am always by myself. In fact the waiters and waitresses know me and recognize me. When I am confronted by an absolute refusal to do the least amount of thinking, which is what is going on here, I’m not supporting it.

I will continue to give credit where due to the rare receptionist who quickly assesses the obvious situation and cuts to the chase and says Table for One?


You ever actually say no to that question. I have. I sometimes say no, I think you’re out of mint or I went for this sale item and it’s not there. They usually just blink at you. It’s like they never actually prepare with how to respond when someone says actually no.

Would it feel better if they formed the question a little differently like… Would you like a table for one? Instead of how many?

A yes please answer might sound better than just one.


I feel the same way.

Also, to why he thinks games are a waste of time? Well if I had Ryan Reynolds life, I too would think they’re a waste of time LOL. He has the money and health to raise a family and galavant around the world. How amazing and I’m very jealous of that.


My thought exactly. I love Reynolds, so I’m giving him a pass.


Reading is a waste of time, too. In fact, let’s all just watch a shitty comedian dress up in pajamas and swing fake swords around.


I would reply to you but I stopped reading.


I always feel for the wait staff when they are confronted by a lone diner. I don’t see how to ask the question without sounding either pitying or condescending.

Will anyone else be joining you?
Are you expecting anyone else?
Is there anyone else in your party?
Would you like a table for one?
Are we waiting for anyone to join you?
How many in your party?
How many settings at your table?
What size table will you be needing this evening?
Party of one?
Just you this evening?
Are you dining by yourself this evening?
How many?



Yeah, I find it kind of amusing. I like eating out alone at times. Sometimes I really just want some time alone with my thoughts or to listen to a good audiobook while I eat. I had one waitress a little while ago treat me like a lost puppy, making sure to spend time chatting with me. It was sweet, but completely unwarranted (and a little annoying, to be honest, but I knew she meant well any I didn’t express that). I was there alone because I wanted some quiet time by myself!

Not sure why there seems to be a little bit of a stigma about it. Is that a US thing or is it like that in other cultures as well?


I too eat alone from time to time, usually going out somewhere for lunch while working from home. But I do it specifically to get some human contact so I’m all for a little banter with the staff.


See most of these require a negative answer or a no. It seems like if they asked if someone would like a table for one, an affirmation can be spoken instead of no, or just, or any indication of an absence of something. I thought maybe trying to avoid those kinds of answers is more important than that actual question.

The only thing worse than a gentleman eating alone is a lady in the US. I have no idea why we have this cultural issue about it.